For the FIFA match in Qatar world cup 2022, ticket sales exceed 2.45 million

For the FIFA match in Qatar world cup 2022, ticket sales exceed 2.45 million

Qatar World Cup 2022

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar. 2.45 million tickets have been sold, according to the world soccer governing organization. Qatar World Cup 2022 is the final world cup.

According to FIFA, Qatar World Cup 2022 sold 520,532 tickets in the last sales session that ran from July 5 through August 16.

The World Cup

Most tickets were allotted to the group stage matches between Cameroon, Brazil, Brazil, Serbia, Portugal, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Portugal, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Germany, and Australia.

The biggest number in the world

FIFA stated that “Fans who live in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the USA, Mexico and the UAE, England and Argentina, Brazil, Wales, and Australia led the digital queues and secured the biggest number in the world of tickets.”

For the FIFA match in Qatar world cup 2022, ticket sales exceed 2.45 million
Qatar world cup 2022

In September, the start date of the next sales phase will be announced. Over-the-counter sales will also start in Doha after the end of the final sales phase.

The opening ceremony takes place before Ecuador’s match on November 20 and will serve to kick off the 64-game tournament. This will be the first World Cup held in the Middle East or Arab world.

Tickets for fans outside Qatar cost 250 Rial ($69). To book a place in Qatar, fans must have a confirmed ticket purchase.

FIFA had previously stated that it received 3 million ticket requests to the World Cup final in Qatar on December 18, Qatar’s national day, at the Lusail Stadium with 80,000 seats.

World record-breaking in Qatar

Organizers claimed that there was a “record-breaking” demand to buy tickets in June, at a time when only 1.2 million tickets had been sold.

This figure has more than doubled with ticket sales to FIFA, federations, and the general public.

Record Breaking

FIFA has announced that there are 3,010 6,679 tickets in total and that a “last-minute sales period” will be available to sell tickets before the tournament starts at a date yet to be confirmed. After the final-minute sales phase, over-the-counter sales in Doha will also begin.

Eliminated fifa

As stakeholders return some of the allocations, more seats are often made available. This is also true during the World Cup when fans support teams that have been eliminated.

The World Cup opens a day earlier than planned. The opening ceremony will take place on Sunday, November 20 against Ecuador.

It will be the Middle East’s first World Cup and it has been moved to later in the calendar year than the usual June-July schedule in order to avoid the scorching summer heat.


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