Ford Introduces F 150 Lightning as Electric pickup Truck

Ford introduces their debut F-150 Lightning as EV truck battles get underwayFord introduces their debut F-150 Lightning as EV truck battles get underway

Electric pickup truck: First F150 Lightning goes to a rural Michigan man who also owns an Tesla Model 3

Rural Michigan man was one of the very first people in the United States to be awarded the Ford F-150 Lightning, according to Bloomberg. 

Nicholas Schmidt, the chief tech officer at Grid Optimization, a startup received delivery on Thursday of an electric silver truck from Richardson Ford, a dealership located in the village located in Standish, Michigan.

As per the Bloomberg, Schmidt owns a Tesla Model 3 and put an offer down on an one of Tesla’s Cybertrucks and has also thought about buying an Rivian R1T truck too. He claimed that his wife was happy after it became apparent that an F-150 Lightning was the first truck to arrive. (Schmidt recently posted on Twitter to say that the Cybertruck reservations are “no longer needed.”)

Ford relies on its many years of delivery and production expertise along with its huge network of dealerships in its quest to be ahead of its competitors on the road to deliver electric trucks to the greatest number of people. They are among the most-sold cars in the United States and the F-150 has been the top-selling car in the US over the past 40 years.

 Electric pickup truck
Ford introduces their debut F-150 Lightning as EV truck battles get underway


Although Rivian is credited with becoming the very first company to introduce its electric vehicle to the market, Ford’s electrified F series is expected to force more people to think about changing to electric vehicles. In spite of its introduction in the year 2019 it’s been delayed several times. Tesla Cybertruck has been repeatedly delayed and is now not expected to launch until 2023 at the latest.

The battle is going to be a raging battle however Ford could have gained some breathing space thanks to the speed at the time it brought its F-150 Lightning to market. General Motors’ started shipping its top Hummer electric vehicle to customers earlier in the year however, at three times the cost that of F-150 Lightning however, it cannot be put within the same league. General Motors’ Chevy Silverado Electric is expected to be less expensive, however it isn’t anticipated to begin manufacturing until the year 2023. In the meantime, Stellantis hasn’t said when the electrical RAM 1500 pickup will be available for sale.


Ford Lightning 2022: Ford F 150 Lightning Specs & Review

However, Ford will face some restrictions that it will have to meet. The number of F-150s that Ford would be making during its initial years of production has been somewhat of a revolving number. Initially the company was planning to make 40,000 vehicles per year and then told suppliers that it was expecting capacity would increase to 80,000 by the time 2023 began. In the meantime, that number has increased up to 150,000 vehicles by the middle of 2023 although it’s not certain which ones will make it to the customers in this particular year.

The company has implemented an “wave-by-wave reservation process” to notify customers when they are able to visit the website to order their Lightnings. In the spring of this year Ford has stopped accepting reservations after acquiring the 200,000 deposits of $100 that are refundable for the Lightning when it first launched in May of 2020. (Reservations remain open in the wake of the publication of this story.) Ford’s production goal for its Rouge Electric Vehicle Center is 160,000 units per year.

Schmidt plans to use the F-150 Lightning to do truck things, such as carrying wood, and also towing. How many customers will be able to complete truck tasks by using their F150 Lightnings this year is determined by Ford.

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