Ford’s first electric vehicle is comfortable, fun and meets all the criteria for a good entry-level electric vehicle

There’s a distinct absence of sound from the engine underneath the bonnet This is because there’s no engine. It’s just an empty, vast space. Ford refers to it as the “Mega Power Frunk,” which is a sloppy name for an extremely interesting feature that the truckers have been asking for for a long time Secure storage space.

Ford Lightning 2022, FORD F 150 LIGHTNING

The benefits that come with the frunk is one of the things that are noteworthy regarding the F-150 Lightning Ford’s highly expected electrified pickup truck. Yes, this F-150 Lightning is most likely to be the most important electric vehicle to be released and the it’s blah. I’m sure you’ve heard about the numerous reasons why this plug-in truck is essential for Ford and the automobile industry as well as for America and for our climate and so on. Ford has electrified the most awaited automobile in America since they did.

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Ford Electrified The Most Popular Vehicle In America

 There are certainly some tradeoffs in electrifying something that is as well-known and loved like the F-series. However, the positive is greater than the bad, and there’s nothing in the Lightning that made me feel positive about the transition from gas-powered, dirty vehicles to no tailpipe emissions.

2022 ford lightning:

The majority of people who purchase a Ford F-150 Lightning (those who are fortunate enough to purchase one) will not have the opportunity to drive it along steep, rocky slopes, through the mud-filled puddles that stretch to the knees or even in twisty surfaces while towing an 8000-pound motorboat. That’s exactly what I had to experience during 2 days surrounding San Antonio, Texas, in which Ford invited members of the media to see this F-150 Lightning for the first time..

Drive Impressions

On roads with a lot of surface on the road, the F-150 Lightning is an extremely sporty vehicle as does its model name. (A frequent joke during the duration of the two-day road trip was that Ford did not seize the chance for the revival of its original Lightning as an electric pickup that was smaller and sportier. pickup.) However, it’s not difficult to forget that you’re driving a vehicle that weighs 6,500 pounds due its low-center of gravity. The battery’s pouch-style lithium-ion cells are located on the interior of the vehicle. It isn’t unique to electric vehicles — in fact, every EV available is similar to this layouthowever, it is unique to the pickup truck.

Ford Lightning 2022, FORD F 150 LIGHTNING

The almost instantaneous power — 452 horsepower for the standard range, and 580 horsepower in the extended range is not uncommon for an EV , but is completely absurd for a vehicle as large as the F-150. I’ve driven lots of EVs but not many trucks. The combination of acceleration, power and dimensions that comes with F-150 Lightning F-150 Lightning was thrilling -and even disturbing.THE COMBINATION OF POWER, ACCELERATION, AND SIZE OF THE F-150 LIGHTNING WAS THRILLING — AND EVEN A LITTLE UNSETTLING

To give you a sense of some context, the V8 turbocharged diesels which Ford uses into the Super Duty trucks (think F-250-F-450) are rated at around 475 horsepower. The engines can produce 1,050 pounds of torque, which is higher than the 775 pounds of torque the Lightning can produce. However, the F-150 Lightning’s capability to go from 0-60 mph within a less than four seconds is simply amazing. After two days of driving the Lightning never got old.

While it was fun speeding through on the Texas highways, I was concerned over what F-150 Lightning owners will handle the acceleration instantly in more dense environments, such as the suburbs where most F-150 owners reside. The torque could be shocking particularly for new EV owners. Fortunately, the brakes appear to be adequate for getting this F-150 Lightning to a full stop with ample room. It performed flawlessly on straightaways and in the twists of roads.

Ford Lightning electric 2022,FORD F 150 LIGHTNING:

Although it’s not as big as the Hummer Electric Vehicle but it’s still a big car. F-150 Lightning is nevertheless a hefty 35 percent heavier than the gas-powered version due to its 1,800-pound battery. The problem is that the battery can be a bit cumbersome for the F-150 Lightning’s environmental credentials. Heavy vehicles are more polluting than those with lighter weights regardless of whether they release any tailpipe emissions. Every vehicle emits non-exhaust emission from many sources, such as road dust, rubber tires and brakes. This is especially true of electric vehicles due to the weight added by their batteries.

We’re not sure yet what amount of non-exhaust emissions that from the F-150 Lightning will create, however, we’ll learn soon enough.

Ford Lightning 2022: FORD F 150 LIGHTNING
Ford Lightning 2022: FORD F 150 LIGHTNING

Battery Capacity & Charging

As for the capacity of energy I discovered that I could get around 2.3 miles per kilowatt-hour battery power on the surface of roadways and major highways. The basic version of the truck, priced at $40,000, comes with 300 miles (370 kilometers) of travel range. It also has the 68-MPGe (miles in a gallon) that is the EPA’s standard of measure for an EV’s energy consumption rate to be compared with gasoline-powered vehicles. If you’re looking to upgrade to a bigger battery pack, which has 300 miles range Ford will require you to buy several alternatives that can bring prices up to $74,000.

Ford Lightning 2022, FORD F 150 LIGHTNING:

The range numbers will decrease when you fill your truck’s bed in cargo, or connect anything large onto the. (More about that in the future.) In the end, I found the range and energy consumption to be sufficient for most driving situations.


For the majority of consumers who are EV-curious the fear of range is giving an opportunity for anxiety about charging. Ford did not offer us any charging options for on the F-150 Lightning, so I don’t know how long it takes to charge the battery. Charging remains an issue for many electric vehicles. It’s true that except if Ford invests in developing its own charging infrastructure (which isn’t the case) There’s only so much Ford can do to improve the charging experience for public users better.

Ford Lightning 2022, FORD F 150 LIGHTNING

Ford’s band-aid is to combine several different charging networks to form what they call”the” FordPass Charging Network. The various chargers are shown on the FordPass smartphone app as all part of one network. Ford has even partnered with a few of them so that users do not have to set up new accounts or download additional apps before they can start charging. This is a good idea in principle however it requires more work.

In the home at home, a 120-volt outlet can deliver 3 miles every hour into the battery, whereas the 240-volt outlet will add approximately fourteen miles an hour. The most impressive feature for charging is available only to the extended-range models: Ford is selling a new home charging station that is 80 amps that can fully charge its F-150 Lightning in eight hours however, it allows owners to charge their entire house for up to three daysand even as long as 10 days with little usage during the case of an electrical interruption.

Ford Lightning 2022,FORD F 150 LIGHTNING:

The power source out of the battery isn’t restricted to the extreme situations however. The base models that come with the F-150 Lightning are able to produce 2.4kW of power from the battery while the more expensive Platinum and Lariat trims can provide Platinum trims have the total of 9.6kW of power onboard. The more costly F-150 Lightnings come with eleven power sockets built-inseven of them in the bed and cab with one with 240V power as well as four outlets in the trunk’s front -as well as a number of USB ports.

Ford started to explore the notion of turning your car into a generator for mobile use sort of thing with its F-150 hybrid, however the more expensive models offered by the F-150 Lightning will come with more power on the road and will not use gasoline to generate the power. It’s not just a wonderful option for those who need power while on the move and is an enormous benefit for fleet managers or small-scale businesses that want to be green.

Blue Cruise

Blue Cruise, The feature is standard on the Platinum trim and is an extra cost to upgrade to the Lariat trim. F-150 owners that choose one of the packages, which costs cost of 1,595 dollars Ford Co-Pilot 360 Active 2.0 package can buy BlueCruise for $600 more.

Try this feature as it was Ford’s long-awaited solution to General Motors’ Super Cruise which is the highest-quality advanced driver assist systems. (Tesla’s Autopilot does not allow for hands-free driving, but the full Self-Driving beta system allows hands-free driving.)

Ford Lightning 2022,FORD F 150 LIGHTNING

These systems operate in conjunction with a variety of unique features, such as adaptive cruise control automated brakes in emergency, lanes-keeping assistance pedestrian monitoring, blindspot detection and stop-sign detection. For certain highways that are divided (Ford states that it operates for “over 100,000 miles”), F-150 Lightning drivers can get their hands off the wheel and their take their feet off the pedals while infrared sensors in the dash track their eyes to ensure that they remain focussed on driving ahead.


Once you have entered an approved zone there is a message in the gauge cluster, informing the user that BlueCruise is accessible. I found it to be simple to use and disconnect and disengage, something that wasn’t the scenario with other level 2 systems. Once you’ve overcome the initial desire to hit on the brakes each time cars merge with your vehicle, you can relax and relax in the comfort of the system.

As with other automakers, Ford market BlueCruise as a proactive security feature, but I view them more as a convenience feature created to take the strain of long journeys on the highway and traffic jams.

I utilized BlueCruise for approximately an hour of driving and I was able to disconnect it twice at the time when it appeared to be steering towards the yellow barrels which mark the boundary in between highways and off-ramp, and another time, when a vehicle was merged with me. The system worked, however, like it was designed to work.

User Experience

The interior of the F-150 Lightning will be a familiar place for many truck ownershowever, there are some caveats. F-150 owners will be able to appreciate wonderful features like an gearshift that folds back to create a larger workspace in the center console. It has enough space to accommodate laptops or pen and paper pad, or your lunch. For those who spend much time in their vehicles – and are charging maybe or charging, the front seats fold almost completely flat. I didn’t take a nap however, I was intrigued.

The touchscreen in the center stack that is standard 12 inches landscape or an optional 15.5-inch portrait is the center inside the cabin. The touchscreen that is portrait-style is similar to that present on the Mustang MachE and is likely to be an option for all F-series trucks in near future.


The screen is powered by Ford’s Sync 4A which is the most recent release of the company’s informational system, first introduced with the Mustang Mach-E. It basically runs in a dual-pane format that has the top and middle thirds dedicated to media or navigation controls, and the lower third to climate control and other functions of the vehicle. It also has Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto If you prefer working with apps that are available on your phone. The thing is, Sync 4A works pretty effortlessly, with a minimum of delay in changing between the menus.

Four Modes Of Driving

There are four modes of driving that are normal, sport, tow/haul and off-road. When driving on roads that are smooth I went with the normal, but occasionally switched to sport when I felt it was appropriate. The display of graphics in the instrument cluster showed me the amount of power I was transferring into the battery by Regenerative braking this was helpful information to know. The F-150 Lightning isn’t equipped with heads-up displays, however Ford’s engineers have hinted that they may bring it to the next models.

Ford Lightning 2022: FORD F 150 LIGHTNING,

So let me just come out and say: I am not a fan of driving large vehicles. If those vehicles are paired with equally massive vehicles my abilities are suspect at the very least. When I was towing a speedboat that measured 24 feet out of a winery’s area, I nearly crushed a sign that was made of plastic and metal just outside the entryway. I’m not ashamed to admit this. It’s important to be aware of your limits. I found some consolation from an security person who informed me that I wasn’t alone in being the one who did this.

Maybe it was because I wasn’t paying enough much at the abundance of information on the gauge cluster , but I did not observe the sign being crushed beneath the wheel of the vessel in front of me. Ford took the extra mile to take some of the task of towing out of the equation and allowing owners to build an outline of the towing object. For the 8,000-pound vessel I could tell that the extra weight would cut nearly 100 miles from my travel of 250 miles with the full charge, up to 161.7 miles


The driving experience of in the F-150 Lightning as it tows a vessel seemed rather choppy. (Pun intended!) I could feel the weight pulling at the wheel when moving along the windy roads. This means that it wasn’t easy and would it ever be. It’s crucial that drivers are aware of the amount they’re towing.

However the process of hauling just 1,000 pounds of wood waspretty easy. Within fifteen minutes I nearly did not realize that the wood was secured in the truck’s bed. Ford states that the standard trims that come with trims Pro, XLT, and Lariat trims can tow up to 7,700 pounds, whereas the extended range models can carry as much as 10,000 pounds. The payload is 1,850 pounds or 2,235 pounds depending on the trim degree.OFF-ROADING

Ford Lightning 2022, FORD F 150 LIGHTNING:

A second confession is that off-roading in F-150 Lightning was very, extremely enjoyable. I drove across massive boulders, the size of beach balls, through extremely rough roads made of loose gravel and through a number of deep Puddles. The truck was able to conquer each obstacle without difficulty. (Shout Ford’s spotters, who made sure that I didn’t fall off the edge of a rock.)


The old F-150 had an ELD that was an actual knob. In the Lightning the ELD is located under the submenu of the touchscreen.

Naturally off-roading consumes more energy than regular driving. Ford takes this into account with its off-road driving mode which provides real-time range estimates as well as independent rear and front suspension. The software takes into account more than only traffic and weather conditions, but additionally uses an onboard scale that measures the amount of weight that a load, or towing weight.

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