Best budget graphics cards! Germany Retailers are selling GPUs for 35% below MSRP

While we are talking about best budget graphics cards, New GPUs are currently selling for way below MSRP. In a new story originally found by Tom’s Hardware, one of Germany’s largest retailers, MindFactory is selling AMD’s newest RX 6500 XT for around 35% below MSRP. They actually have the PowerColor 6500TX card for €169 (which is also known as cheap gpu for mining), but that includes a 19% VAT charge. If you remove that and converted it, we’d be looking at around just $159. Now, given this is the RX 6500 XT, however, it’s cheap gpu for gaming but I personally don’t recommend it unless you have PCIe 4.0. Hope this helps with the Question “where to buy gpu at msrp”? If you are looking for cheaper than this, please note that there is no “mining compatible” cheap graphics card under $50. People usually as me when will graphics card prices drop, so here’s the answer.

Even then, this card definitely isn’t that great. But given where GPU prices have been. It’s still great news. It shows just how far things are coming, and it’s a great sign of things to come. Now I will say that Tom’s Hardware actually had to visit the page twice before they saw the special pricing, which means they’re using cookies to lower the price when you leave and then come back.

And that’s a good reminder if you’re looking for a new GPU, you may not want to jump on. The first deal you see coming back later could see it get even lower. And really, that’s a huge difference between where we were even just a few weeks ago. Hopefully, more GPUs follow suit before long. Next up, it looks like Nvidia is set to unveil their next generation of cards.

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