Giant Dragon of Death unearthed in Argentina

Giant Dragon of death unearthed in ArgentinaGiant Dragon of death unearthed in Argentina

This new species, a flying reptile, is the largest ever to be found anywhere in the world known as dragon of death.

This catchy moniker refers to the dragons that are the dead. It is Thanatosdrakon, the scientific name for the newly discovered creature.

The reptile was approximately as long as a yellow-colored bus with a wingspan estimated at around 30ft (9m).

Giant Dragon of Death unearthed in Argentina
Measuring about 30ft (9m) long, it is the largest pterosaur discovered in South America and one of the biggest flying vertebrates to have ever lived

Argentina was able find fossilized remains of an enormous flying reptile named the “Dragon of Death”. This creature existed alongside dinosaurs 86,000,000 years ago.

Dr Leonardo Ortiz David of National University of Cuyo together with his Mendoza colleagues excavated Thanatosdrakons. They were found on an outcrop along the Colorado River.

dragon of death
Project leader Leonardo Ortiz said the fossil’s never-before-seen characteristics required a new genus and species name

These are rocks discovered in the Late Cretaceous Period 86 Million years ago.

It was initially exposed in the wake of civic work. Some of the fossils that are particularly well-preserved include the flying reptile’s vertebrae as well bones of forelimbs and behind limbs.

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