God of War update on PC deliver AMD FSR 2.0 as a Feature

God of War update on PC deliver AMD FSR 2.0 as a Feature

AMD FSR 2.0 released the next-generation FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) technology.

A new and improved version, called 2.0, promotes the use of temporary upscaling, easily inheriting Nvidia’s DLSS technology, while significantly improving frame rate and image quality over the original version.

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Offers AMD has announced several games such as Deathloop and Farming Simulator 22 with AMD FSR 2.0 technology, but Santa Monica Studio’s God of War PC port update also revealed this feature without prior notice. This is the third game to receive it so far.

Today’s God of War patch v1.0.12 release notes include two points:

AMD FSR 2.0 New property

Fidelity FX Super Resolution 2.0 is now available as a resolution scaling option in the Display Settings menu.

God of War update on PC deliver AMD FSR 2.0 as a Feature
God of War update on PC deliver AMD FSR 2.0 as a Feature


The Aim/Block accessibility feature no longer shows inconsistent behavior.  Unfortunately, Santa Monica Studio doesn’t elaborate on what performance and image quality improvements players can achieve with FSR 2.0. Observing PC gamers may recall that FSR 2.0 previously appeared in God of War Settings, but this was a developer typo as only the 1.0 implementation was available so far.

 Of course, DLSS is also a gaming option for Nvidia RTX graphics card owners. So if you compare the two upscaling technologies side-by-side, you should immediately be able to focus on all aspects. God of War’s FSR 2.0 is platform-independent, so it can be used by AMD, Nvidia, and Intel graphics users as well as handhelds such as the Steam Deck.

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 The list of AMD games with initial support for AMD FSR 2.0 includes Microsoft Flight Simulator, Forspoken, Grounded, EVE Online, Elysium, and more. However, if today’s amazing expansion is something, you can expect more stealth updates for the game.

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