Goncalo Guede Biography: Height, Age Accomplishments, Facts, Net Worth, Many More.

Goncalo Guede

Who’s Goncalo Guedes?

Goncalo Guedes was born on the 29th of November in 1997 and was a well-known Portuguese professional soccer player.

He is a winger for Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers as well as the Portugal nation’s team.

Guedes began his professional career at Benfica the club in which he played his debut team debut just six months after making his reserve debut in April 2014.

At the earliest age between the ages of under-15 and under-23, He won a number of caps for Portugal.

When he turned aged 18 years old when he was 18, he played at the 2017 FIFA World Cup and made his international debut as a senior player in the month of November that same year.

Today, we’ll learn numerous facts about Goncalo like his age, height, work and relationship, his family, net worth, and more.

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Early Life

Goncalo Guedes, born Benavente, Portugal on 29th November 1996. In addition, Goncalo Guedes’s parents were a Portuguese father known as Rogerio Guedes and a mother whose identity remains in the process of being determined.

Additionally, Guedes, who was just a child Guedes was born in Benavente, Portugal, along with his brother, who was older than him along with his only sibling Joao Maria.

Goncalo Guede Biography: Height, Age Accomplishments, Facts, Net Worth, Many More.

But, his parents were soccer fans and were not afraid to allow their kids to play football on the streets or on a field.

However, Goncalo became interested in soccer at an early age. A young Goncalo observed his younger brother in soccer and eventually decided to play with him. Both brothers were avid football players and would play with each other as kids.

Furthermore, he was able to follow Joao to a soccer academy in Ribatejo at age 5 at which point Joao focused on goalkeeping.

After that, young Guedes chose to join an academy for youth football to improve his skills and to pursue the dream of a career in football.


There’s not much information on his education and his college years. The information is being evaluated to be revised and updated shortly.

Whatever the case, regardless of whether you have formal education or not, he’s making a living from the game of football.

Goncalo Guedes Age and Height, Weight, and Zodiac Sign

Goncalo Guedes was born on the 29th of November, 1996 is now old.

Similar to the Portuguese striker is physically attractive. But, Goncalo stands at 5 10 inches tall (or 1.79 meters tall and weighs around 68 kilograms (149 pounds).

The 25-year-old’s eyes, as well as hair color, are black. Additionally, the striker has an athletic physique that is amazing. Additionally, he exercises regularly since footballers must be physically fit to participate in games.

Furthermore, the horoscope of Goncalo is Sagittarius. This means that they are extroverts and joyful people who inspire respect from anyone who meets them.

Goncalo Guedes Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion and Nationality

Player 25 is of Portuguese nationality and is white in ethnicity. In addition, his beliefs are based on that of the Christian faith.

Goncalo Guede Biography: Height, Age Accomplishments, Facts, Net Worth, Many More.

Goncalo Guedes Family Background:

As we get to this point it is common to be wondering why Goncalo was able to fall in love with soccer, particularly when the place he was raised is known more for bullfights rather than soccer.

It is worth noting the fact that Joao (Goncalo’s sister) started soccer at a very young age.

Therefore, it was natural that Joao’s enthusiasm for soccer would resonate with his older brother. Additionally, Goncalo Guedes’ parents were avid sports fans who didn’t have any issues having their children play soccer on the streets or on a field in front of their homes.

Goncalo Guedes Family Life:

Did you have the knowledge that Goncalo Guedes’s “girlfriend” isn’t the only one who holds his heart? We provide you with information about the family members of the winger starting with his parents.

About Goncalo Guedes Parents:

Rogerio Guedes is the father of the genius footballer. There aren’t many details about the type of Job that he held during his young life.

We do believe that he deserves his fair share of credit for his achievement in professional football.

In reality, it is Rogerio who drove the young Goncalo to his training. He is content that he lived a life of dedication to his childhood goals. Additionally, he is always proud of the person his son is becoming.

Perhaps the least well-known of Goncalo Guedes the parents of his is his beloved mother. The Winger hardly speaks about her, however, it is evident the impact she played in his growth is immense.

About Joao About Joao Goncalo Guedes Brothers:

We did our best to point out that in the past, Goncalo Guedes’ parents have only two children, which are the winger as well as Joao (his younger brother).).

Joao was a child who had an interest in football, particularly as a goalie. He didn’t go on to become an elite footballer like Goncalo whom he loves and is adamantly supportive of.

Youth Academy Club

The Portuguese started his academic career when he joined Benfica Youth Academy in the year 2005. This was where he became the player he has become.

Additionally, the player was also a part of the inaugural UEFA Youth League during 2013/14 and helped Benfica beat PSG, Manchester City, and Real Madrid on way to the final.

He made his debut for Benfica B in a 4-1 defeat against Porto B.

Goncalo Guede Biography: Height, Age Accomplishments, Facts, Net Worth, Many More.

Professional Club Career


After a performance that was successful in the B team, Goncalo was elevated into the team’s first squad in the year 2014.

The winger did however make his debut appearance in the main squad in the match against Sporting da Covilh on 18th October 2014.

Eventually, Goncalo scores his first goal for Benfica in a 3-0 league triumph over Pacos de Ferreira on 26th September 2015.

The athlete then is celebrating his first goal during the UEFA Champions League against Atletico Madrid on September 30. Then, he was known as one of the most youthful Portuguese athletes to have scored at the first stage.

In all, Goncalo had 11 goals and added 16 assists over his 67 games for the Benfica senior team.

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)

The Portuguese is expected to will join Paris Saint-Germain on 25th January 2017 for a reported fee in the region of EUR30 million.

Furthermore, Goncalo made his PSG debut just four days later, making his debut as a substitute in a 1-1 draw against Monaco.

Unfortunately, it was the case that the Portuguese forward did not achieve a single strike during his 13 games for the team. He only managed to contribute one assist.


1st September 2017 on the 1st of September 2017, the Portuguese player was released on loan to Valencia for the duration of a season. The reason for this was PSG’s record-breaking additions in the form of Neymar and Mbappe in the wings.

In addition, the player was also able to make their La Liga debut on the 9th of September in a 0-0 match 0-0 draw against Atletico Madrid. However, the player scores an opening goal during a decisive 6-3 victory over Real Betis.

In addition, after just six days, the player scored two goals and provided an assist to Santi Mina, in the 4-0 victory over Sevilla. As a result of his debut season was praised by the world’s sporting media.

In the following year, Valencia and PSG reached an agreement in the year 2018 to purchase Guedes with a transfer budget in the amount of EUR40 million.

In the following weeks, the player was a participant in his first Copa del Rey Final, in which Valencia beat Barcelona. The team won the first trophy for Valencia in the span of 11 years.

The athlete has played in 178 matches for the team, scoring 36 goals and delivering 30 assists.

International Career

The athlete, who is 25 years old, started representing Portugal in a variety of youth teams at different levels and played in more than 50 games.

Additionally, Guedes earned his debut appearance in international friendly matches against Russia on the 14th of November, 2015. He did score his debut international strike on the 10th of November in the friendly game in a friendly match against Saudi Arabia.

In all, in his 32 games for Portugal’s senior team, in his 32 appearances with Portugal seniors, Guedes manages to score 7 goals and provide 5 assists.

Goncalo Guede Biography: Height, Age Accomplishments, Facts, Net Worth, Many More.

Who Is Goncalo Guedes’s Girlfriend?

Goncalo Guedes isn’t married as of yet. But the Portuguese player is currently involved in a long-term relationship with a gorgeous woman known as Madalena De Moura Neves. Furthermore, the Portuguese athlete first revealed that he was dating when the club he was with joined PSG.

But, Madalena is a management graduate as well as an influential social media user. Madalena has a huge following on Instagram which is 13.2k followers.

However, the couple seems to be enjoying themselves and getting going enjoying their daily lives. Although they have not yet ready to announce what their plans for the wedding. The couple is planning their wedding soon.

In addition, Guedes does not have any children. In terms of sexual orientation, Guedes is certainly straight.

The Style of Play

Goncalo Guedes plays similarly to the majority of best wingers in the world. Additionally, everything starts with Guedes dispersing and arranging his teammates and then continues to finish the job.

But, their remarkable ability to pass is due to his awareness. Also, he’s always cognizant of exactly where teammates will be on the field.

In addition, Guedes is also an excellent dribbler, in addition to being a superb passer.

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However, dribbling skills appear to be something almost all the world’s top wingers possess. However, Guedes frequently demonstrates his ability to hold the ball while gliding by players.

And not only that, the Portuguese forward has superb shooting ability and is often within the scoring zone. However, the majority of Guedes’s goals have come from shots in the boxes of 18 and 6 yards. In addition, Guedes has shown the ability to make the most of opportunities within the box.

Goncalo Guedes FIFA 22 Potential

Goncalo Guedes’s total FIFA 22 ratings are 81. But his possible rating is 86 and his ideal position on the football field would be ST(Striker).

Additionally, they also earned the Portuguese got 4 stars for their skilled movements and weak foot and a 2-star rating for their international reputation.

Goncalo Guede Biography: Height, Age Accomplishments, Facts, Net Worth, Many More.

Goncalo Guedes Lifestyle Net Worth and How he Spends his Money:

Concerning the way the footballer earns and spends his cash, the estimated fortune of $5 million as of the time of writing this bio.

The majority of wingers’ fortunes are derived from the salaries and wages that come with a world-class winger.

Additionally to that, soccer players earn an income stream that is steady through endorsements. But, he’s not living the lavish lifestyles of wealthy soccer players.

Many who have close ties to him confirm that he prefers the traditional lifestyle over extravagant lifestyles.

Goncalo Guedes Facts:

To conclude our Goncalo Guedes’s childhood story and biographical sketch, we believe it appropriate to share the less well-known or untold details about the player’s wing.

FIFA Ratings:

This wide-bodied player holds a decent all-around FIFA scoring of 82. The low rating may have something to be related to his less impressive performance during the 2019/2020 campaign.

It’s only an issue of time until the player is able to step up to reach the maximum rating of more than 88 points.


More to it than just being the year of birth of Goncalo. The year 1996 was also the year in when was the year that the initial version of the Java programming language made available.

The year 1996 also marked the time when films like Independence Day and Mission Impossible made it to cinemas.

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