Google Look to Speak App: Now Talk with your eyes

Google Look to Speak AppGoogle Look to Speak App

Google Look to Speak App allows you to speak with your eyes

With Look to Speak, you can choose a set of words or phrases to be spoken aloud by the mobile. All it takes is the movement of your eyes.

Google has been a company that has not stopped developing accessibility applications to make life easier for people with motor impairments and those with disabilities .

 This is a good example of the new American application Look to Speak that allows you to communicate with your eyes by simply moving them. People with communication difficulties can communicate with Look to Speak by simply moving their eyes.

What is Google Look to Speak? How does it work?

Google’s “Start with Google”, a series of experiments that aims to help someone with motor difficulties, developed Look to Speak. 

Google Look to Speak App
Google Look to Speak App

The Mountain View-based company was trying to improve the quality life of Sarah Ezekiel who is an artist with motor neuron diseaseGoogle developed Google Look to Speak to assist Sarah. It allows you to choose a set of words or phrases and the app will play them aloud. 

You can see that the front camera is required for your smartphone to track the movements of your eyes. To grant permission, you must click the button Allow.

This app is very easy to use. You will see a list of words and phrases split into two columns when you open it. To select the phrase you are looking for, just look to the right side of the screen. The column will then be divided into two sections. You will need to do it again, but keep in mind that every movement to the left of your eyes will remove the phrases from the lower column. Only the phrase or word you are looking for remains in the left side column.

After this is done, simply move your eyes to the left and the phone will reproduce the word . Google Look to Speak allows you to stop the app by making an upward eye movement. Google is taking down apps that record calls. Look to Speak, a free app that can be downloaded from the link to Google Play we have left you, is compatible with many languages, including Spanish and French.

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