Google Maps celebrates 15 years of Street View 360

Street View 360 also includes seven individual cameras, each equipped with a 20MP sensor. The result is a 140-megapixel panorama camera.

The camera is cute even for being a surveillance device. It is approximately the same size as a cat or small pet. Its top-most portion is blue. Each of its large camera lens (which look like huge bug eyes) are surrounded by a white circle.

It appears from certain angles to have a tiny mustache because of cut-outs in plastic. The main body is silver-colored. Two black handles allow for easy transportation (which can also mistakenly resemble tiny arms).

Street View 360

See how a location has changed over time.

 Image: Google

Google intends to make Street View 360 imagery more accessible to it, and to allow it to update its Street View data more frequently. Google can simply retrofit its new camera in an existing vehicle and save money on transporting dedicated camera-equipped car. Street View data has already been collected by strapping bulky cameras on everything from snowmobiles and Venetian-gondolas. So it’s easy that Google should be able strap its new camera to a wide variety of vehicles.

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