Google now eliminate Google Search Results that dox you


Google now eliminate seek outcomes that dox you:
Google says they’re expanding the types of personal info they’ll remove from Google search results to cover things like your physical address, phone number, and passwords. This change means Google won’t show these details on business pages that are not set up correctly. Before now, the feature mostly covered info that is used to steal personal information- things like your social security number or bank card numbers— Not all URLs Google displays are dangerous, and many leading websites ; online communities use bots to vet their URLs. To ensure that you’re confident with your decisions; only have access to safe information, you can exclude certain URLs from the list of sites that show up in google search results.

Google Search Results

Google is introducing these new changes because it wants to “stay ahead of the curve” and in order to continue doing so, it has some tough choices ahead. It can either be a little uncomfortable at first or even dangerous, but they made the right decision. Here are some kinds of information that Google has removed (thanks to the Wayback Machine for making a list of old items available):
Private government identification (ID) numbers like U.S. Security Number, Single Tax Identification Number, etc.
Numbers of Bank account
Credit card
Images of handwritten signatures
ID docs images
Personal, restricted, and official records, like medical records (used to read “Private personal medical records”)
Personal contact information (physical addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses)
login credentials.

Google Search Results
Google Search Results

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Google put off such things as “non-consensual express or intimate personal images”; “Pornographic or photoshop deep fakes for your picture also makes sure not to share links to websites with exploitative “deletion practices”. Making a request involves providing Google (Google Search Results) with a list of URLs that link to personal information, as well as the search pages that emerge from such links. After submitting a request, Google will evaluate it. Its FAQ says it seeks to “procedure facts according with its terms and conditions. If the content is determined to be of public interest, which can take place for a number of reasons. For example, if it came from a government agency or if it’s newsworthy. Google may also provide their platform with guidelines on how to filter advertisements and remove links from Google search results” I’m not showing up for any search queries or being surfaced for searches that include my name.

(Google Search Results)

Most of the time, AI systems are largely comparable to the systems already in place. There are some exceptions to this rule such as how personal information is processed at Google. This company standards a relatively high bar for what counts as personally identifying information and makes it a bit different from the right to be forgotten rules in European countries like France , Germany. The new Google Ad Rules were introduced today, making it harder for EU-based internet users to enjoy the freedom of our websites.
If you ever search for someone’s phone number, you may end up at a site that legally sells people’s information. Will the new policy permit these sites to continue doing this? Google spokesperson Ned Adriance advised The Verge they would “dispose of the hyperlink” if they could verify that it incorporates in my opinion identifiable information. and so, if you contact us and ask us to remove URLs from our database, we have the ability to do so. We have the requirements outlined in our help pages — whether or not it’s behind a paywall.
The page that this text is about has been coded to conform with Google’s guidelines and will be approved. This could lead to some people using it for their own benefit & detriment.
After you have asked Google to remove a case that includes your address, that doesn’t mean the post won’t appear on other search engines (Google Search Results) or it won’t be able to be found by someone else. This post should not appear if someone searches your name and specific location; it’s important to filter unwanted posts in forums.

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