Google Play Store New Design is rolling out


Google Play Store App New Design : The first time it was test during the month of November, Google is rolling out a major overhaul of its web Play Store that will bring it into line with other services following many years of using the same interface.

It’s very app-like and appears in tablets, although the design for the large screens Android models is quite different. It begins at the top with an image of the Google Play logo and tabs for Games and Apps, Movies & TV, Books as well as Kids.

Google Search now a simple button to the right, along with help and a switcher. The top bar appears on every page because Google has stopped linking on “Devices” when the Play Store offered hardware during the Nexus period.

The Apps View is where there are devices filters that include Phone tablet, TV, Chromebook, Watch and Car. The usual row of carousels for apps follows. The Games section is similar, except that you’ll notice that the Watch as well as Car filters are no longer available as well as bigger previews of the apps.

If you look at the app’s listing it now has an enormous section on at the top of the page that lists important information (rating/reviews downloads, as well as ratings) with blurred background. This is very like the Play Games on PC. The button to install appears below, but there is no actual prompt “Choose a device” list isn’t exactly modernized.

Google Play Store completely redesigns its site

Google Play Store App New Design
Google Play Store App New Design

It is also the biggest revamp of Google Play over the past seven years. It incorporates a lot of the changes that have been made that little by little has been made in Google’s language of visuals across all of its services.

In this manner we can see larger graphic elements, a lot greater whitespace, and also the Google Sans font across the whole interface. Navigation through the different categories in the store has been made easier by allowing five sections at the very top. When you download games or applications, you have the option to select the device type on the device on which they will be installed.

Apps and games web pages  have been updated and each has its own distinct design.

Google Play Store New Design

For apps, you will get the icon with the relevant information, screenshots and screenshots. There is also a an updated “Data Security” section that lets you see how the application makes use of the data it collects. In contrast the pages for games have a distinct style that includes the title of the game and next to that, the trailer for games. Additionally, there is a “Data Security” section is as well in this instance.

The introduction to users of the latest Google Play Store design seems to be happening slowly. In our instance we were able activate it by accessing Google Play’s Google Play website via an incognito browser and thus stopping a cached version Google Play from running. However however, in the coming days it will be open to all users of the store.

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