Google to warn its users of chat scams


To keep its users safer, Google has just announced an update to its security features for chat scams. Google chat now warns users of suspicious links in messages that could contain phishing sites or downloads of malware.

For those who don’t realize, phishing scams may shut you out of your device, and even lead to identity theft. On the other hand Malware attacks are increasing in frequency and success. They are also more expensive than ransomware.

Google has stated these warning messages “help protect users against malicious actors, keeping data safe.” The banner is displayed in the middle of the text, in red. It states “This invite is suspicious.” You can either block the person who is sending you the message, or accept it. It’s your choice.

Not only that, but Google Drive and Gmail also receive this feature. The data you store is safe on Drive or Gmail are safe. Additionally, this feature is accessible to both business and personal accounts.

Users will see this feature automatically within the next few days. In addition, the version for mobile as well as the web-based versions of Google Chat will get this feature.

chat scams

This is an extremely valuable feature in a time when chat scams are increasing. Raspberry Robin, Purple Fox, and a myriad of other malware are affecting users’ personal information. With this update, users have the option of choosing whether to click the link or not.

In Gmail, the warning banners in Gmail are displayed when you respond to emails from outside your organization.

“Now, Android warning banners are also displayed whenever you add new recipients to your account. Administrators can turn these warning labels off or on for their company,” the company informed.

The company also launched its second Beta version of the Android 13 OS, which comes with a host of options for new functionality and user control as well as security and privacy updates.

For Android 13, applications have to be granted permission before sending you messages.


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