Pakistan Govt prohibits the import of Non-Essential luxury items

Pakistan Govt prohibits the import of Non-Essential luxury items.Pakistan Govt prohibits the import of Non-Essential luxury items.

Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb said today. the government prohibits the import of non-essential luxury items.“It will be an urgent situation and Pakistanis are bound to sacrifice their economic plan. The plan will have an immediate effect on foreign exchange reserves. The ban could result in a loss of 6 billion dollars” the Minister of Information stated.

Aurangzeb stated that the goal of the government was on reducing imports and, consequently, was set to implement an export-oriented policy. This could benefit the local industry and the producers.
The information minister stated that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had been working “day and night” to help stabilize economic growth” and was deciding to ban imports of any items that were not intended for the usage of the common man.

Aurangzeb said that the imports included food items, decorations as well as luxury vehicles in addition to pointing out she was in a “tough economic crisis because of the previous administration’s policies”.

The government has Decided to stop the importation of the following luxury items:

Mobile phones
Appliances for the home
Dry fruits and fruits (except Afghanistan)
Private firearms and ammunition
Lighting and chandeliers (except lighting that is energy efficient)
Speakers and headphones
Sauces, ketchup, etc.
Frames for windows and doors
Bags of travel and suitcases
Sanitary products
Fish and frozen fish and frozen
Carpets (except Afghanistan)
Fruits preserved with preserves
Tissue paper
Sleeping bags and mattresses of the highest quality
Jams and Jelly
Bathroom products/toiletries
Aerated water
Frozen meat
Pasta, etc
Ice cream
Shaving items
Leather-based luxury clothing
Instruments for music
Salon items like hairdryers, etc.

Incompetent’ policies:

The minister of information said that this announcement is part of the budget strategy developed by the current government to counter opposition from the “incompetent” political opposition PTI.
The PTI for criticizing the government in power over the financial crisis, Aurangzeb said the Imran Khan-led government increased the cost of inflation, granted historic loans, engaged in “economic terrorists” and played with the economy of the country by subsidizing the price of petroleum.

The minister of information pointed out his concern that the PTI government had a problem with the agreements it had signed in conjunction with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by allowing the IMF to subsidize the cost of petroleum-based products. “Now we are unable to free ourselves from the constraints imposed by the IMF in Pakistan. However, despite that, instead of shifting the burden of conspirators to Pakistanis the PML-N and its allies are not planning to do so since this has never been their policy,” Aurangzeb said.

The information minister stated that at the time the previous government did not have a plan for economic growth.”[Former Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed he had no control over the price of tomatoes.

We Can do it:

In response to the PTI as well as Imran Khan’s constant demands for snap elections, Aurangzeb stated that it is the job of the government to run elections across the country, regardless of whether you are a part of the PTI or “cries or screams”. “If your party’s goal was to hold early elections, you would have conducted it during your term and dissolved the assembly. Since you believed the allies would be on your side, you clung to the throne of power. Aurangzeb said the government would hold elections “when it wants”.
The minister of information responded to Khan’s query about what made courts open at midnight, stating that courts had opened to prevent a person from breaking the constitution.
Aurangzeb stated that the previous administration didn’t have a strategy and was likely to abuse the institutions.”But the current government will get the country out of the crisis.
The minister noted that the PM Shehbaz is, in contrast to Khan more concerned about the cost of wheat, sugar, and tomatoes before going to bed, and is constantly thinking of ways to help the masses.
“We have the capability and the experience in stabilizing the economic system […] in contrast to Imran Khan, under whose presidency the rates of the dollar soared,” she said.

Address of the PM to the nation:

In response to a question, the Minister of Information announced that First Secretary Shehbaz Sharif would address the nation in the coming days.
Sources have informed Geo News that the premier is scheduled to address the nation on Monday and is expected to address the economic state of the nation in his inaugural speech.
Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif will address issues related to national affairs as well as other matters, sources said.
The minister of information stated that anyone who talks about the possibility of a bloody protest — as suggested by several PTI leaders — must be aware that the law cannot be able to protect such groups.

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