Halo Infinite’s upcoming update will return the game’s secret ultra-powered gun

Halo Infinite's upcoming updateHalo Infinite's upcoming update

Ultra-powered gun games will be back in a forthcoming update:

Halo Infinite’s glitched and overpowered “tank gun” will be included back into the game’s campaign in the upcoming release, developer 343 Industries announced on Friday.

the ultra-powered gun is a powerful weapon — basically it’s a portable version of the Scorpion tank’s cannon with unlimited ammunition. And it’s become a favorite among speedrunners as a means to make playing the game simpler. However, even though you have to be aware of the exact location for the gun (which is essentially invisible and is not visible, in fact), Halo community manager John Junyszek announced on April 1st that 343 would remove this “tank gun glitch” in the second season of the game that launched on the 3rd of May. The decision was not the most popular choice among the players and it appears there’s been enough criticism that 343 has decided to reinstate the gun back.

Halo Infinite's upcoming update
Halo Infinite’s upcoming update

343 is also planning to bring new skill jumps to the multiplayer maps in the game. The jumps that are difficult to pull off ( like the “Pizza” jump) could help players gain an edge in a tense battle however, it’s possible that they could have done it in a manner that the designers weren’t planning to.

“We originally identified these jumps as falling into a couple of categories: Places where the environment was poorly communicating the traversal options of the game world, places that created a combat imbalance, or a combination of both,” Junyszek declared on Friday in the Halo Waypoint forums. 343 has made some changes which removed certain jumps that were used for skill in seasons 2’s update, however the outcry from players has been so loud that 343 plans to bring many of them back. “Players have made it clear that our analysis of these jumps was off target, and we value the feedback,” Junyszek stated.

Junyszek has stated in the last this week 343 Industries was considering changes in response to feedback from players after the season’s debut. “We’ve seen the feedback around changes that impacted various multiplayer jumps and campaign speedrun strategies,” Junyszek stated on 5 May. “We’re not at the point where we can promise anything yet, but want to be transparent and say that we’re taking the feedback seriously and reviewing options internally.”

Halo Infinite head of creative Joseph Staten had acknowledged the complaints, too. “Hey Spartans, this week has been bumpy,” Staten stated, quote-tweeting Junyszek. “That definitely wasn’t our goal.”THE REVERSALS ARE JUST THE LATEST SPEED BUMPS FOR HALO INFINITE

Junyszek on Friday did not give a specific date for the new update however, it appears that it could be coming very soon. “Our team has been working hard to get as much as we can in this update as quickly as we can, but there are still a few more steps we need to take before we can release it out in the wild,” the official declared. “We’ll share more on this update’s specific release timing in the next few days.”

Halo Release Date

The reversals are merely the latest setbacks that have been thrown at Halo Infinite which has experienced some rough times with the things since its release late in the year. We’ll have to wait for some key new features that will be added. 343 had announced in the last month that it was planning an August launch for online co-op as well as a September launch for an open beta version of Forge mode.

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