Hayya Cards may not be mandatory to enter Qatar 12 days after the World Cup start: Official

Hayya Cards may not be mandatory to enter Qatar 12 days after World Cup start Official

Hayya Cards could not be needed to be able to enter Qatar 12 days after the start of the World Cup

In a report from Qatar Tribune, that was quoted as quoted by Hayya Platform CEO Saeed Ali Al Kuwari in the program ‘Majlis’ that is part of the Alkass Channel, Hayya Cards are not required to be allowed to enter Qatar for 12 days following the beginning of the World Cup.

Hayya Cards Report from Qatar Tribune

According to the report, the official clarified an earlier statement suggesting this World Cup 2022 Fan-ID was required to get into Qatar starting on November 1, 2022.

The official added, “After the first 12 days of the tournament, the entry procedures would be reviewed in line with the existing situation then. The Arab world’s first-ever FIFA World Cup 2022 is expected to bring more than 1.7 million people to Qatar in those months.”

According to Kuwari the amount of people is expected to be the largest during the initial twelve days of the event and would be the most difficult to control.

After that, he said the fact that “requests” for entry to those who don’t have the Hayya Card would be “reviewed”.

In a similar TV program last week, Kuwari said that only three categories of individuals will be allowed to travel to Qatar starting on November 1citizens, residents, and people who have Hayya Cards

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