Hernan Galindez Net Worth, Current Teams, Height, career


Body Stats

Inch Height: 6 Ft Inches

Personal Information

  • Born Date 1987. on March 30
  • Age 35 years old
  • Famous Name Hernan Galindez
  • Country Argentina AR


  • Birth Name Hernan Ismael Galindez
  • Birth Country Rosario, Argentina
  • Famous Name Hernan Galindez
  • Horoscope Aries
  • Net Worth Not disclosed
  • Salary under review
  • Past Team Universidad de Chile
  • The Market Valuation EUR750 Thousand
  • Siblings , 2 brothers
  • No. of Instagram followers 104k
  • The position of Goalkeeper in the Team
  • No. of Siblings 2
  • Clubs currently in the current team, Aucas
  • The Nationality Argentine and Ecuadorian
  • Profession Footballer
  • Presently working for Aucas
  • Married and currently married
  • Children 2 kids
  • Religion Christianity

Hernan Galindez professional football professional who hails from Rosario, Argentina, who is a player for the Ecuadorian Serie A club Aucas as well as the Ecuador National team. Galindez is an goalie and has had a great time in his professional career for several years. From July 3rd, 2022 Galindez has been playing for Ecuadorian the Serie A team Aucas. Prior to that, he played in Universidad Catolica, with whom Galindez was instrumental in helping his team achieve the Ecuadorian Serie B (1) title in 2012.

However, Galindez is also a famous national player, who debuted on the 23rd of June 2021. The debut match was against Peru. Additionally, Galindez was interested in playing football since a young age and has been involved in the field for quite a while.

What’s his Net Worth Today?

As a goalkeeper, Galindez earns an impressive profit from his team. However, it’s difficult to learn about his earnings because Galindez hasn’t spoken out about the income he earns from his team. As we all know, Galindez is from Argentina and the average wage of a soccer player in that country can be found at $427.82 each month.

It can therefore be concluded that Galindez might make around the same amount. In the meantime, Transfermrkt claims that Galindez’s market value is EUR600Th but this is not his highest price as the market’s highest value was EUR750Th on the 27th of December 2013 as of this article.

Additionally, Galindez has been a member of several teams and his worth wasn’t less than EUR500Th. When Galindez was a part of SD Aucas, his transfer cost was EUR240Th. Therefore, with a large amount of cash in his pocket, Galindez leads an enjoyable life. you can explore his the world of the Instagram handle.

Hernan Galindez Net Worth, Current Teams, Height, career

Do Galindez have a girlfriend or a wife?

In the details of his private life Galindez is a married man living an idyllic life with his sweet and loving wife, whose name is not listed publicly. On the account on Instagram page, Galindez has shared various pictures with his girlfriend. Based on this, it could be concluded that he’s was married for a long period of time.

Galindez, however, is into the category of people who prefer to keep their information from the public eye. Because of this, none of the websites have reported on the details of the wedding ceremony and his romantic life.

In addition to being a married man Galindez has children, together with his wife, Galindez has two children. On his profile, he includes photos of his family and his wife. Also, Galindez takes vacation in his spare time. We are able to get updates on his travels by following Galindez on IG.

Learn More About His Career

As we have discussed Galindez was attracted to football from a young age and was a member of Estrella Juniors. When he was a kid and was playing for an organization, Galindez was given an opportunity to play in an event that he had to play Lionel Messi in a youth championship.

Then, Galindez played Rosario Central youth team. When he was with Rosario Central, he played 25 games. He was then transferred to Quilmes during the season 2010-11. For 2012 Galindez joined the squad from Rangers de Talca. Although he was with them Galindez didn’t play in any game as he went for Universidad Catolica del Ecuador in the Ecuadorian Serie B.

From 2013 until the year 2021 Galindez was also a part of Universidad Catolica, with whom there were 319 games played and scored an assist. In addition, Galindez was member from team Universidad de Chile team. On the 3rd of July 2022 Galindez signed an agreement to join SD Aucas. In his interview, he discussed his international career, Galindez was a part of the Ecuador team that participated during 2021’s Copa America.

On the 23rd of June 2021 Galindez was the first player to make his debut in international football in the game against Peru. Also, learn about Cristian Romero who is an Argentine footballer who is a player at Premier League Club Tottenham Hotspur who are who are on loan with Serie A club Atalanta.

His Early Life

Galindez was born Hernan Ismael Galindez on March 30, 1987. As of 2022, Galindez is 35 years old. In addition, Galindez is originally from Rosario, Argentina. Galindez is a professional soccer player who has two nationalities in Ecuador as well as Argentina. Regarding his birth information Herman’s most prominent signification is Aires.

It can also be stated that his parents come of different nations, however, the information they provide is not publicly. In the above paragraph Galindez is a very private person. Due to his private life, we are not able to divulge the details of his family but we are aware that he has twin brothers as well as a brother younger than him, whose names and identity are kept from public view.

In addition, Galindez is a pretty tall person His height at 6’2″ (1.88 millimeters).

Follow Hernan Galindez On Instagram

The public is concerned about Galindez’s social life with Galindez and he’s adept at using social media platforms. Galindez is using Twitter since July of 2017 as well as is Twitter user name is @hernangali12. His bio states that he’s also an archer professional.

Other than that, Galindez is more active on Instagram which allows us to follow him using the name @hernangalindez. Galindez’s IG profile is verified and over 104k people have followed him on IG. In addition that his Twitter account has more than 42.5k followers.

From these social media profiles Galindez enjoys sharing his professional and personal life. We can learn every detail of his daily life.

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