BTS to Re-Enter Hiatus release Theme Song of FIFA World Cup 2022

Theme Song of FIFA

FIFA World Cup 2022: The Theme Song of FIFA will be released jointly with Hyundai as a component of Hyundai’s sustainability program, “Goal of the Century.”

Theme Song of FIFA World Cup 2022

The month before, Korean pop sensation BTS caused shockwaves across the globe with their announcement of an indefinite hiatus. However, the group is poised to come up with a song that will be the theme for the FIFA World Cup 2022. The song is likely to drop in the second quarter of the year.

The goal of the Century

It will release the theme tune jointly with Hyundai as a component of the global sustainable initiative “Goal of the Century”. “BTS not only supports the Hyundai Goal of the Century pledge, but it also implements their World Cup Song Collaboration Project.” According to a statement by Hyundai, “It is expected that the World Cup Song will be released in the second quarter of the year.”

“Creating an environment that is sustainable is no longer the responsibility of one individual. It’s the objective of the century, which everyone is able to achieve together,” said Jim.

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In the spring of this calendar year, BTS was joined by football great Steven Gerrard, famous sculptor Jeremy Scott, and UNESCO ambassador Nadia Nadim, as the brand ambassadors for this project. As part of the agreement, BTS has pledged to reduce the carbon footprint of its business by encouraging healthy habits.

“Hope inspires us to dream” but in recent times hope is disappearing slowly all over the world. The dream of tomorrow is often the primary reason to live the life of today. It’s our goal for the Century that will allow future generations to envision and live in the present,” added J-Hope.

A few years back, BTS wrote a song about sustainability to advertise the latest models of Hyundai electric vehicles. RM is the rapper from this super-popular boy band and was the voice actor in Hyundai’s most well-known advertisement for the FIFA World Cup.

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BTS stopped performing some time ago as the members decided to pursue their own projects. J-Hope has released his own album, Jack In The Box, which has been getting high praise, while RM Jimin and RM Jimin are developing their own projects. The group is nominated in four categories at the VMA Awards. The group released their first anthology album, Proof, earlier this month.

The FIFA World Cup, meanwhile, will be played at eight locations in Qatar beginning on November 21st. On the day of the tournament itself, Argentina, Senegal, the Netherlands, and England will play.

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