Hideo Kojima Games Overdose horror footage leaks – looks a lot like Silent Hill


The footage of the upcoming survival horror game created by Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima is being leaked on the internet through… naked man using a phone?

Although he may claim otherwise the fact is that it’s been clear for some time now that Hideo Kojima has been working on an Survival horror video game named Overdose with Margaret Qualley – who played Mama in Death Stranding.

Though a few blurry photos were leaked on Twitter yesterday, the only information about the game was from an earlier report that claimed it was a third-person game, which could be played in a first-person perspective, and that the trailer/demo featured the character of Qualley walking through an unlit corridor and concluding with the jump scare.

Hideo Kojima Games Overdose horror footage leaks – looks a lot like Silent Hill

This is exactly what the video below demonstrates which means that either this is the most complicated and useless fake, or what we’re seeing is the game itself and perhaps how it’ll be announced first – possibly during The Game Awards next month.

The exact location where the video originated from is not clear, however it appears to the work of naked (hopefully it’s not even semi) man on another phone and running the video on YouTube.

The game is quite similar to Silent Hill, but not necessarily the Silent Hills game Kojima was working on prior to being dismissed from Konami. Even though it only made it up to the famous P.T. demo, the game was only for first-person and there doesn’t appear to be anything linking it to Overdose to this point.

Qualley’s character appears to be uninvolved in the video and is wearing what appears to be dirty clothes in a shabby look building, but with the low quality of the footage, it’s unclear if there’s an explosion or it’s not.

In reality, it’s unclear what’s happening in the first place, as the player flies around with a torch while strange figures disappear off-screen behind her – as evident by a distinctly disturbing HUD component which has a triangular and circular shape. are part of the logo of the game.

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The main question isn’t whether or not the footage is genuine, since it certainly is however, if it’s actually the identical idea Kojima is currently working on with actors Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna and the cloud-based project that he’s working on together with Microsoft and the other one that he’s declaring as so revolutionary, it’s completely new.

If anyone is to be believed, each of the four games could be one and the same thing, but given that Kojima is developing Death Stranding 2 it seems very unlikely that he has five projects on the in the works – meaning that certain of them are likely to be one and the same.

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