Hijama Cupping Therapy Treatments

Cupping Therapy has a huge range of Treatments

Hijama Treatment and Hijama Cupping Therapy have a huge range of Treatments

Hijama Cupping Therapy is a form of alternative therapy that involves placing cups over the skin to produce suction. The suction is believed to enhance the circulation of energy through the body, and help in healing.

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Cupping is a great option to help with passive recovery as in active treatment. I utilize cupping that is passive cupping to increase the effectiveness of various kinds of stretch. Cups are applied to tissue targets (space the acquisition) and enhance interlayer glide–an essential effect to increase the mobility of tissues and flexibility.

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Wet cupping

There are four primary types of cupping that are currently being performed Cupping that is running involves the movement of suctioned cups all over your body, after using oil to massage the desired areas
Flash cupping involves rapid repetition of suction and release of cups onto the body.
Wet cupping involves the removal of blood toxins from under the skin.

Fire Cupping-Hijama Cupping Therapy Treatments
Fire Cupping-Hijama Cupping Therapy Treatments

Fire Cupping

Fire Cupping is generally safe so long as you talk to a qualified medical professional. You could experience these adverse reactions on the skin that the cups touch the skin: Discuss this with your physician prior to beginning cupping, or any other form of complementary or alternative medicine.

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Dry Cupping

The massage therapist applies the oil to the part that needs to be massaged. This is usually the back. It is placed on the skin using gentle pressure. This is different from other forms of cupping therapy in that the cup placed on the skin is able to be moved.

Cupping Therapy or hijjama

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