How Much $ Do You Need to Attend a World Cup?

How Much $ Do You Need to Attend a World Cup

Are you planning to attend the FIFA World Cup but have no idea of the costs do you need to attend a FIFA World Cup and how to plan? This page is designed for you.

Overall, I think that you need $3,000-$4000 USD is enough for two weeks with one person (for me personally). However, this all depends on whether you can obtain discounted or free flights through frequent flyer schemes, or stay at no cost through an intermediary or host, and the kind of accommodations you prefer. I could have been able to stay in a hostel at $9/night in Russia but I would rather stay in a luxurious bed (i.e. my own bathroom and room in a safe and clean location).

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From the point of view of the standpoint of budgeting I contribute each month $100 into an account on my savings website. This means that at the end of every four-year cycle I’m sitting at about $5,000. This is enough to meet my objectives (7-12 days of travel to visit at least two cities, go to a couple of games, and leave space for the randomness of life and people).

Complete Disclosure I bought Delta Skymiles for the 2010 2015 and 2017 tournaments, and have spent anywhere from $2,000 to $3,500 on all other things. In 2006 I paid for the ticket by credit card, however, I was able to save money on lodging by sleeping on the floor of a friend’s house for a couple of nights and fitting 3 people in one bedroom and bathroom for the remaining trip. I spent less than $2,000 on everything including the non-stop flight from the USA to Germany.

As with everything – we break the costs into buckets

International Travel

What are the best ways to transfer from your home town to the country of your destination? Are you able to use rewards points or points, or do you need to buy the item at the full price?

In my four World Cups, I’ve always made use of airline points. The full price of my ticket was I not fortunate, would have been you need $900 to $1500 per person. (Note that your travel itinerary could be a major influence on the cost)

Domestic Travel

When you are in your country of residence How will you move around the country?

How Much $ Do You Need to Attend a World Cup

While in Germany I bought a Eurorail pass and rode the subways and hitched rides on cars. South Africa was domestic busses, taxis, flights, and hitching rides on cars. Brazil included domestic taxis, flights metro, buses, and taxis. Russia included all subways, trains, and taxis.

Match Tickets

Tickets costs have increased with each tournament, and the lowest prices for tickets to Russia 2018 were $105 USD. Tickets vary depending on round and categories you need to attend a FIFA World Cup.


This is the cost that has the largest variance. It depends on your personal style. It is important to note that everything will be extremely sought-after and the most desirable places are booked out up to six months ahead! I usually make my accommodations available 3-4 months in advance of my departure.

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The most comfortable place I’ve ever been was my friend’s apartment in Munich. Cost = FREE. I’ve also had you need to pay between $300 and 300$ (USD) each night to live on the basic necessities. Brazil was by far the most expensive, but all other tournaments have found options at around you need $120 per night.

Miscellaneous (Food, Merchandise, Entertainment, etc)

As cheap or generous, however, you’d prefer! I’ve discovered that I pay around $50 per day for museum tickets and food, drinks, and so on when I travel. Sometimes, I am able to eat well and have a night out with friends and other days I spent eating at the stadium and taking public transport.

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