How to Remove a Negative Google Maps Reviews

How to Remove a Negative Google Maps ReviewsHow to Remove a Negative Google Maps Reviews

Here’s how you can remove negative reviews that you’ve posted in Google Maps.

How to Remove a Negative Google Maps Reviews: Writing reviews and ratings is a good idea when it comes time to contribute to Google Maps to let others know about our experiences. Additionally, when we do this, we could earn Google badges. Although not all of them are favorable reviews, and the negative ones stem from poor service, insufficient treatment or, let’s just be honest, because we’ve written a hot review. Removal of a negative review from Google Maps is easy, this is how you do it.

Here’s how to erase a negative review from Google Maps

Getting rid of the bad Google Maps review is easy.. It takes just a few minutes to delete any untrue or negative reviews on Google Maps, take note:

  • On your personal computer, open Google Maps. If it prompts for you to log in, type in your credentials.
  • On the left corner there is an icon with three horizontal stripes. This represents the menu. It is accessible.
  •  Then click on “Your contributions”.  
  • After that then, click “Reviews”.
  •  There is the list of all your reviews that you have published on Google Maps, select the review you want to delete.  Click  “Delete Exam”.
  • This is irreversible and cannot be undone.
  • The review could have been completely erased.

As you can see, it’s only a just a matter of time to remove those bad reviews you’ve left in Google Maps.

How to Remove a Negative Google Maps Reviews
How to Remove a Negative Google Maps Reviews

What is the reason to remove a negative review off Google Maps?

Reviews are also written with a flamboyance but If we approach it in this manner, we are not doing our best to be objective and will let us get carried off by the rage of a negative encounter. This is not to say that bad reviews cannot be written however it is best to take time to compose an educated review that is based on a factual. The time taken to consider the reasons behind that negative experience is among the best ways to write a thoughtful review. And also help other users. If it’s a restaurant and you are a restaurant, consider the reason for this particular situation taken place.

Could it be a level of influx? Was the staff overwhelmed? The opportunity to reflect is the best thing we can do to ensure that we are in the right direction with what we’re writing. If decisions are taken fast, we will be taking equity for granted and are likely to be distracted by emotions. It is time to take a moment to reflect prior to sitting down to write. You can travel in the present by using Google Maps: this is the way to do it on your smartphone.

Make sure you are empathic when you are writing reviews on Google Maps

Now , you must find a way to get over the hump. It could be that you are the one who received the bad feedback, maybe in a less than fairly manner. The user hasn’t been able to determine the cause of the situation, he has only expressed his opinion, however, it’s your company who is the one to suffer the most.

Do you feel happy to be the recipient of a review that doesn’t seem fair? You do always have the option to make a response, however, should they not write a negative review, it’s much easier for everyone. Therefore, you could also follow the example and be more cautious when making your reviews.

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