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HUAWEI Launches The Trendy Flagship & Camera King –

Pakistan -16 May 16th 2022 Huawei Consumer Business Group has announced today that they will be offering the brand-new HUAWEI Nova 9, the Trendy Flagship & Camera King to consumers in Pakistan. With modern features and fashionable design elements, Huawei’s most recent Nova device is sure to inspire new ideas thanks to its camera system that is powerful and brand-new videography capabilities, which offer new opportunities for consumers to capture events in their lives.

HUAWEI Nova 9 will be on sale in Pakistan at PKR 107.999 in the new Colour No. 9 from May 16 on.

HUAWEI Nova 9 is launched with a new colorway, Color No. 9. It features a wide range of top-quality camera technologies, such as a 50MP Ultra Vision Camera system, along with the RYYB color filter array (CFA) and XD Fusion Engine. It allows users to create stunning images and videos even in low-light conditions. The flexible 120Hz Original Colour Curved Display, the powerful processor, long-lasting battery and support for lightning-fast charging with the 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge [1] guarantee a smooth experience for gamers on the go.

A Breath-Taking New Design

The HUAWEI Nova 9 is a beautiful phone. It is the first smartphone to feature a brand new Colour No. 9 colourwaythat is made using a brand new Starry Flash AG Glass process which adds a distinctive appearance to the body. It also emphasizes the famous camera module, providing it with more focus on the visual. In a bright light the whole display shines and shines

. It also features an impressive 6.57-inch 120Hz Curved Original Colour Screen with an elongated surface that acts as a waterfall, reducing the right and left bezels to allow for more immersive viewing. It displays 1.07 billion coloursand has the ability to refresh between 120Hz and [2and 300Hz touch sampling rate. and a touchscreen sampling rate to improve response.

Its design and style of HUAWEI Nova 9 will also be awe-inspiring, with a size of just 7.77mm thick, and having a weight that is 175g [3lbs]. It also has an ethereal inspired by the Nebula Star Orbit Ring that was first seen on the HUAWEI Nova 8. It has the “nova” ring emblem that is a prominent feature of its Star Orbit Ring, which makes it more easily identifiable and appealing. When combined, these elements are not just an extension of a past as well as the renewal of the ring.

Capture Your Story With 50MP Ultra Vision Camera

HUAWEI Launches The Trendy Flagship & Camera King - HUAWEI Nova 9 in Pakistan

The rear camera system comes with an ultra-vision camera with 50MP and an 8MP ultra wide angle camera and macro-camera [44 and the depth camera. It has a 1/1.56-inch sensor as well as an RYYB CFA that has the highest light sensitivity, capturing 40 % more light as compared to the regular RGGB sensor. [5] This lets users take stunning videos and photos even in dim lighting and ensures that the bright areas of the photo aren’t overexposed, while dark areas are clear and filled with clarity.

When the camera hardware has captured an image after which the XD Fusion Engine gets to work, employing sophisticated methods of computational photography to dramatically improve image quality and detail.

Vlog Innovation:

HUAWEI nova 9 features a 32MP front camera with High-Res which supports 4K video recording along with AI (AI Image Stabilisation) Video Stabilisation that allows users to take high definition video of themselves while they interact with the camera or when they videoblog.

Through Continuous Front/Rear recording Users can switch between both rear and front cameras which allows them to seamlessly record their story in one video file. Dual-View Video recording allows viewers to display their live reactions to events using both the rear and front cameras, with no editing needed or, in the event that you’re looking to showcase the entire scene and depth, you are able to create a close-up and wide angle simultaneously.

Utilizing Petal Clip, the Petal Clip app, users are able to choose from a range of themes and video templates prior to uploading their vlogs or other videos on social media quickly. Furthermore, complex editing processes are now simplified thanks to Video Search and One-Click Video Creation.

Power At Your Fingertips

The device is compatible with the latest Touch Turbo technology, taking mobile gaming to an entirely new level with more precise and responsive controls. For gaming or just surfing on the Internet for browsing or gaming, whether you are gaming or just browsing the web, HUAWEI nova 9 offers a long battery life thanks to the large capacity battery of 4300mAh 6. Furthermore, the downtime is reduced to a minimumwith the latest Nova smartphone having a the 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge to provide high-speed charging.

AppGallery: Trusted, Innovative And Secure

Based using EMUI 12, the HUAWEI Nova 9 provides a sophisticated and smooth experience to users. The trusted, innovative , and secure AppGallery is accessible on the HUAWEI Nova 9, and users can download a vast selection of high-quality apps.

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