Huawei Supprimes Collaboration with Leica Manufacturer


Leica Manufacturer is a German company that makes cameras and lenses for photography Binoculars, microscopes and binoculars, and so on. Leica Manufacturer was established in 1889 by Ernst Leitz in 1869. The company collaborated with Chinese technology giant Huawei and developed some of the latest phones with stunning camera setups. It appears that the relationship between Huawei and Samsung has come to an end.

On the contrary, the well-known manufacturer of smartphones Xiaomi and Leica have announced a long-term partnership and partnership, with Xiaomi expecting to launch the “imaging flagship” phone in July. You must be thinking that this might be the reason for the breakup. You could be correct. In the response to a query a Huawei spokesperson claimed,

We can confirm that the collaboration between our two businesses ended on March 31.

Huawei Supprimes Collaboration with Leica  Manufacturer

The upcoming Huawei Smartphones Won’t have Leica Manufacturer Branding

Also, this means that the Huawei P50 series, which was launched at the beginning of this year, came with the last Huawei phone to the sport Leica brand. Therefore, don’t expect to see Leica logos for the Mate 50 series phones that are expected to be launched later this year.

It is, however, the ending of an era of Huawei and Leica which first teamed up in 2016 for the P9 series, followed by the Mate 9 family. They worked together on general image-tuning as well as user-selectable color modes portraits and many other projects.

The partnership was also a part of Huawei’s rapid growth in the market for smartphones. Although Huawei’s ability to provide top-quality cameras was not affected by the new US trade ban like the P50 Pro demonstrated, the firm’s smartphone sales were significantly affected.

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