IMC CEO: Electric Vehicles in Pakistan are Not Suitable

Electric Vehicles in Pakistan are Not Suitable Electric Vehicles in Pakistan are Not Suitable

Electric Vehicles in Pakistan: The news came out on Monday. Indus Motor Co. Director of Operations Ali Asghar Jamali said that hybrid electric vehicles are an intermediate solution since Pakistan isn’t equipped with the infrastructure for electric vehicles, particularly due to the country’s dependence on fossil fuels to power its energy.

Hybrids are better than Electric Vehicles for Pakistan

“With the existing power generating mix, we can safely assert that HEVs can serve all of the purposes of EVs, including carbon emission reduction, oil import bill reduction, localization, and GDP increase,” Jamali declared during an interview with the Auto Industry Media Workshop 2022.

Indus Motor Company was the organizer of the event. The company compared electric and hybrid vehicles to determine what is the best option for Pakistan currently. The auto industry’s degree of localization as well as the effect of successive car policies on the sector was also addressed.

“Pakistan buys 9.7 billion dollars worth of crude oil for refineries to manufacture petrol and diesel, and petroleum commodities are the greatest import category,” Jamali declared and added that the import bill for Pakistan could be cut by half if it has 100 % hybrid electric vehicles. so it will be a reason that Electric Vehicles in Pakistan are not suitable.

 Electric Vehicles in Pakistan are Not Suitable
Electric Vehicles in Pakistan are Not Suitable

On the other hand, he pointed out that battery-powered electric vehicles depend on electricity. Pakistan generates 62 percent of its electricity using fossil fuels. This includes as much as 30 percent of that being generated through transmission lines. In this condition Electric Vehicles in Pakistan cant be famous.

“EVs will raise local LNG, coal, and crude oil imports and investment in expanding distribution and developing a charging infrastructure,” Jamali stated, citing a market analysis carried out by the firm he owns.

Hybrids Bring Variety to Emission Control Methods

“As a result, based on present infrastructure and forex conditions, HEV is Pakistan’s best solution,” said the CEO. said. Toyota was the pioneer in the current technology of HEV cars according to the CEO. This is evident in the number of 16 million Toyota HEVs sold across the globe. Toyota uses “excellent and best-in-class” series-parallel hybrid technology.

Sources suggest that the higher proportion of HEVs versus BEVs will remain until 2030, as HEVs are more popular than BEVs worldwide because of the reasons discussed previously. Every major automaker was researching HEVs, and the effectiveness of HEVs will continue to increase in the near future as new generation HEVs or other vehicles were equipped with safety features.

Experts speaking at the event suggested hybrid vehicles offer an array of emission control options and Pakistan must take into account the dynamics of markets when deciding between electric and hybrid vehicles.

Diversifying these options requires an energy mix that is diverse. The energy mix of Pakistan is comparable to Poland and is not as high as France or Norway where renewable energy plays a greater role, requiring a variety of options to cut emissions.

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