Imran Khan’s Twitter Space session breaks Global Records 2022

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Imran Khan’s Twitter Space consultation smashes worldwide records

Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic Of Pakistan and chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), set a new world record on Twitter space Wednesday evening by addressing the largest Twitter Space Live, just days before his PTI rally in Lahore. 

Imran Khan talked with around 165K people on twitter space from across the world that was in attendance at the Twitter live event using twitter Spaces, an audio live feature of Twitter. Thousands of people tuned in to witness the speech, which was also live-streamed on Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter Space session breaks global records

According to reports, about half a million people interacted with Imran Khan, on twitter space with an average of 165,000 people listening at any given moment. K-POP Lyrical twitter Space had previously held the record with almost 44,000 listens.

PTI is well-known for being the first mainstream political party to make successful use of social media through creative campaigns.

The party’s focus on effective social media methods has allowed it to gain global popularity. Since Prime Minister Imran Khan was deposed by a vote of no-confidence in the National Assembly, his party has popularised the hashtag “Imported Hakumat Na-Manzoor,” which has been tweeted over 7 million times, making it the greatest trend in Pakistani social media history. 

The official account of Pakistan’s ruling party praised the country after the ex-session PM’s set a new record on twitter space.

According to the details, the former Prime Minister set a global record on Twitter space in just a few minutes.

According to Twitter Space’s live event history, former Prime Minister Imran Khan was the first individual in the world to have more than 165K listeners at a live event on Twitter space. K-POP Lyrical Twitter Space previously held the record with almost 44K listens.

Imran Khan makes a strong comeback in politics after being ousted as Prime Minister, holding public rallies across the country. His rallies in Peshawar and later in Karachi were hugely successful, with thousands of people showing up to show their support.

The Lahore district government sent a letter to PTI officials on Wednesday requesting that former Prime Minister Imran Khan is reportedly speaking digitally to a party rally over a “danger warning. 

“It is recommended that ex-prime minister Imran Khan address the public gathering virtually by video conference and LED display instead of making a physical appearance at Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore on 21-04-2022,” wrote Lahore Additional Deputy Commissioner Atiyab Sultan in the letter, “given the extreme threat warnings from security agencies and the latest intelligence assessments issued at the district and provincial levels”

Twitter Space
Twitter Space

 “Minari Pakistan is known to be the place where the resolution on Pakistan was signed. The choice was reached by Indian Muslims to seek [their] own [home]land. In addition, our independence movement will make its debut. “A record number of people will participate in tomorrow’s Lahore jalsa,” he expected.

After his government was overthrown earlier this month, the PTI leader said he did not expect such large numbers to rally in his support. “I had only expected 5% of what was produced. When I saw the audience, I was pleased.“A country is rebuilding,” he remarked, “and I saw for the first time where we should have been 75 years ago.

The former Prime Minister called the protests by expatriate Pakistanis “unprecedented” and said the plot would no longer work.

“The Pakistani army will not be criticized. Imran Khan’s supporters were advised by him.

The Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman asked his followers not to criticize the country’s armed forces. “Never say anything negative about the troops. We would not have lived had it not been for the troops. He argued that Imran Khan isn’t as crucial as the army.

He went on to say that the army was being attacked by Pakistan’s enemies and that both Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari, while in power, damaged the army.

Future Elections and ECP 

When asked about the chief election commissioner, Imran Khan remarked that the ECP’s decisions were “anti-PTI. If all three parties’ [leverage] questions are heard at the same time, it would be evident that only PTI has a competitive financing mechanism,” he said.

In terms of future strategy, the chairman stated that they gave out tickets to the wrong individuals and that he would prefer ideological employees over electives next time. “The last time I gave away the tickets, I didn’t do it myself. Khan added, “This time, I’m not going to authorize a single ticket without reviewing it.’Partial media’  In response to a question about the extent to which the media opposes the government and the ideas of Imran Khan, Khan said that the country’s media were the freest of his time.

“So-called liberals used to rail against us on the issue of press freedom. We were the ones who were subjected to the most criticism and misinformation. They disseminate false information about us. Today, the entire media is ignoring us… This is because these mafias co-opt media proprietors,” he explained.

“Three months ago, I learned that foreign offers were being made to journalists and anchors to undertake anti-US campaigns. But in the age of social media, it doesn’t work. Knowledge is widespread and cannot be prevented. He went on to say that after the Lahore event, he would start talking to media around the world.


Before winding up the discussion, Imran Khan claimed that he had never seen such a wide sense of nationalism in people as he had after his administration was deposed. “It would turn Pakistan into a nation… I strongly encourage everyone to visit Minar-i-Pakistan tomorrow. We’ll make history at a historically significant location.

Internet Service Disruption: Maintenance or Conspiracy?

Internet users can expect slower speeds on April 21 due to a power reconfiguration activity on a part of an international submarine cable, according to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.  The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority went on to say that the repair would take place from 2:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., and that internet access would be disrupted only during that time.

The reconfiguration action was originally set for April 21 from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., however, it was swiftly delayed due to a PTI protest in Lahore. It’s worth noting that when news of the PTA’s initial decision to conduct the maintenance activity around noon on April 21st broke, a flurry of PTI members and supporters took to Twitter to record their protest, believing that this was a planned attempt to disrupt the coordinated activities during the Lahore rally. 

Former MNA Omar Ayub addressed the issue and called it a “blatant attempt” to slow down the Internet to hurt Imran Khan’s voice. He also demanded that the event be rescheduled right away. The timing of the repair was also highlighted by Shiffa Yousafzai, a notable journalist, who commented on Twitter, “Is it a coincidence” that the PTA opted to fix internet connections on the same day as the PTI gathering in Lahore. 

Moeed Pirzada, a well-known journalist and editor, turned to Twitter to urge the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to “resume services promptly” or “it will be regarded as a conspiracy. 

Following the uproar, the PTA informed Twitter that maintenance would take place on April 21 from 2:00 to 7:00 a.m. It also stated that other measures will be implemented to provide users with uninterrupted internet service and that it would try to restore full operation of the internet services as soon as feasible.  Finally, the PTA stated, “Internet services will be available as usual across the country.

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