Hans Island in dispute in the Arctic Finally ends

Rock dispute in Arctic Finally ends

Canada and Denmark came to an agreement in 1973 to establish the border across Nares Strait, halfway between Greenland and Canada. However, they could not decide which of the two countries should have the right to sovereignty of Hans Island, which lies approximately 600 miles (1,100km) south of the north pole experience. They resolved to address the question of ownership in the future.

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How the island which was in dispute came to a conclusion

The Island which was in dispute over who is the owner of the half-square mile of Hans Island has been a cause of conflict between the two countries for a long time.

Hans Island In Dispute In the artic finally ends

However, the two countries have agreed to split the tiny island into two in a move that they hope will send a “clear signal” that the border which was in dispute can be settled in a peaceful and practical manner.

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Canadians also erected their own Canada flag leaf and then left an empty bottle of Canadian brandy. Since then, all countries have since then raised their flags as well as left bottles of different spirits in a titt-for-tat fashion, so that is the story of the Hans Island dispute between Denmark and Canada.

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