Obert Zoya is Sanctioned in the Adjudicatory Chamber by the Independent Ethics Committee

Obert Zoya is sanctioned in the adjudicatory chamber by the independent Ethics Committee

After finding Obert Zhoya guilty of abusing the position of his position to sexually harass 3 female ZIFA referees (ZIFA’s secretary general), the Ethics Committee suspended him from all football-related activities. 

After finding Obert Zhoya guilty in a sexual harassment case against three ZIFA referees and abusing his position, the adjudicatory panel of the independent Ethics Committee has banned him from any football-related activity for five years. A fine of CHF 20000 was also imposed by the adjudicatory Chamber on Mr. Zhoya.

The adjudicatory court was confident that Mr. Zhoya had committed an offense of art after careful consideration of the written statements made by the victims and the evidence gathered during the investigations. 23 (Protection for physical and psychological integrity), art. 25 (Abuse and mistreatment of position) as well as, corollary, the art. 13 (General obligations) of the Code of Ethics.

The terms of this decision were sent to Mr. Zhoya today. Today is the date that the ban will take effect. A notification of the reasons will follow in the next 60 days, according to the Code of Ethics.

FIFA takes a tough stance on all forms of abuse within football. The Ethics Committee addresses all such cases following the Code of Ethics.

FIFA also offers a secure, web-based whistleblowing platform where individuals can report concerns about safeguarding.

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