iPhone 14 backup and Restore with iTunes (Complete Guide)


This Apple phone is among the most popular phones on the market. The most recent iPhone 14 is equipped with the most powerful chip available and gives users the most enjoyable experience. However, Apple phones also function as electronic and like all electronic devices, they are susceptible to problems.

You don’t want to lose important data due to any issues, therefore you’ll want to back up your iPhone 14 to iTunes, do you? It’s a great idea to back up iPhone 14 to PC with iTunes the software offered by Apple will allow you to backup almost every setting and content to your computer with just a click. When you are faced with data loss, you could restore the data to restore them.

iPhone 14 backup and Restore with iTunes (Complete Guide)

The truth is iTunes backup isn’t perfect and could not meet your requirements for backup. In the next section, I’ll explain all the information you need concerning iPhone 14 iTunes backup and restore. In addition, I’ll demonstrate how to restore your iPhone backup to a computers with iTunes. Read the article first, select the method that best suits your needs.

It’s not difficult to backup your iPhone 14 to iTunes, all you have to do is connect your device to iTunes and then click to click the “Back Up Now” button.

Before starting, ensure that you’ve installed the most recent version of iTunes on your PC, or else you might be faced with iTunes Backup Now grayed out issue or other issues which will stop the backup from running successfully. Let’s look at how you can make use of iTunes to back up your iPhone 14.

How do I back up iPhone 14 to iTunes

Step 1. Start iTunes to connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable. Follow the prompts displayed on the screen to establish the connection between your iPhone as well as iTunes.

Step 2. Once iTunes detects your iPhone There will be an option for devices near the left side of the screen. Simply press the button.

Step 3. Select “Summary”under the Settings.

Step 4. In the Backupscolumn Select this computerand then select “Back Up” to back up the data on your iPhone 14 in iTunes. If you wish to secure the backups you make, choose Encrypt backups on [device] and then set an encryption passcode to backup.

What exactly is iTunes backup contain?

  • iTunes is able to backup the majority of the local data stored on your iPhone such as photos messages, contacts, settings, call logs local apps’ files, Keychain data, etc.
  • The information that can be download from the server won’t be stored in a backup, for instance books, music, videos and so on.
  • The images, messages and contacts uploaded to iCloud won’t be added to iTunes backup. iTunes backup.

is it a suitable option to make use of iTunes to backup your iPhone 14?

iTunes can assist you in backing up the entire iPhone however it doesn’t provide a specific backups. It’s simple to find the iTunes backup location on your computer, however the backup files aren’t readable. If you’d like to view and choose the files to be saved and then view those backups on your PC, iTunes isn’t a great option. Go here for a more efficient iPhone 14 backup solution.

In the event of data loss, you are able to restore iTunes backups on your iPhone. Additionally, if you upgrade to an upgraded iPhone you are able to choose for restore iTunes backups to the new iPhone for the transfer of data.

How do I restore iTunes backups on iPhone 14

Step 1. Connect your iPhone and then launch iTunes.

Step 2. Click on the tab for the Devicetab.

Step 3. Step 3. the Summary> Select restore backup.

Step 4. Select the correct backup. Enter the passcode in case your backup has been encrypted.

Step 5. Click Restore to confirm. If it states that iTunes couldn’t restore the iPhone then you should go through this iTunes couldn’t restore your iPhone because of an error guide to discover the answer.

iTunes will transfer everything in the backup onto your iPhone. You will not be able to retrieve the information you require, and even worse the data will be erased from the entire data stored that is stored on the device. If you’d like to restore specific files to iPhone 14 without data erasing the data, then move onto the next step to find out more.

iTunes will allow you to backup your iPhone 14, but it provides only a few backup functions that might not be able to meet your requirements for backup in different circumstances. If you’re looking to backup and restore the information you require, then you may want to consider using the AOMEI MBackuper.

The AOMEI MBackupper is a professional iOS tool to backup data designed for Windows users. It was developed by a team who has been committed to protecting data over the past 10 years. The tool was specifically designed to meet the diverse requirements of users for backup in different scenarios.

AOMEI MBackupper is an excellent option if you wish to back up your iPhone on Windows and in any manner you prefer. Click the link below to download AOMEI MBackupper. You can follow the steps below for backing up to your iPhone 14.

Easy restore iPhone 14 to computer

Step 1. Start AOMEI MBackupper and connect your iPhone.

Step 2. In the home screen Choose custom backup. (Choose the Full Backup option if would like to create a complete iPhone backup.)

3. Select on the image to choose the file you want to back up and Click OKto proceed.

Step 4. Choose a location for saving the backup. Then Click to start the backup.

Once the backup is completed Once the backup is completed, select Backto navigate back to the Backup Management page. From there you can review the backup files or create the incremental backup, back up newly-created information, erase the backup files and then restore those backups (the backup is able to be restored on the device of your choice).

It’s all there is to know about iPhone 14 iTunes backup and restore. You can count on iTunes to assist you in creating an all-encompassing iPhone backup, however you may require an iTunes alternative to iPhone when you need to save specific information. When you use AOMEI MBackupper, you can easily select the data you would like to restore and backup.

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