iPhone without a charger: Apple to pay $1,081 to a customer.

iPhone without a chargeriPhone without a charger

Apple to pay $1,081 to a customer in Brazil for selling iPhone without a charger.

A Brazilian court has ordered Apple to pay a customer $1,081 for failing to provide an iPhone without a charger. This amount was the result of an appeals decision from the Court on lawsuits, civil rights, and interest disputes in the Sao Paulo state.

Apple users in the U.S. were unhappy with their iPhone without a charger when it came out because Apple made a move to stop selling devices without power adaptors without providing retailers with caveats about the upcoming change. 

The Brazilian response

A Brazilian consumer protection agency has given a company a $2 million dollar fine for misleading ads, unfair terms, and selling a iPhone without a charger. The penalties we reported last year.

The regulator also asked Apple for information about what is included in the smartphone, the cost of its accessories, and how many chargers it produces annually.

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Critics pointed out that The Verge was wrong in its assessment of Apple’s “strategic” decision. Apple has never clarified the profit it makes by not providing an adapter with its devices.

iPhone without a charger
iPhone without a charger

The individual prize

Recently, the Brazilian courts have granted individuals the right to request monetary damages from Apple when they provide defective products. The individual, in this case, came to court with a similar issue that their iPhone was also experiencing.

It called Apple’s business practice “abusive and illegal” & ruled in favor of the customer…

Apple said this in their defense, as they had made sure they provided only one type of charger with the device. However, users could use any sort of charging accessory they wanted and not have to worry about compatibility. Although the judge didn’t side with Apple, saying that it had to develop its own charger in time for the iPhone X release date.

Apple recently faced criticism when it discontinued a critical accessory but continued selling replacements separately. This was because the manufacturer decided to sell these items as individual products as opposed to coming together in one product.

Brazil’s court ordered Apple to pay a random Brazilian worker for selling iPhone without a charger a small amount of money in order to atone for past wrongdoings and mark the beginning of better times between the citizenry and the American corporation.

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