Islamabad gets new public transport services

Islamabad gets new public transport services

Capital Development Authority (CDA), which is working to create new routes for intracity public transportation service, is getting ready.

Amir Ali Ahmed (Chairman of CDA) made this announcement yesterday during his speech at Research for Social Transformation and Advancement (RASTA), held at the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics.

Chairman CDA expressed concern over traffic congestion in the federal capital. He stated that the city’s vertical expansion is making traffic worse. Ali also stated that some new projects will ease traffic flow in the city and that new routes will connect various parts of the city with the center.

The government plans to make the road stretch from Koral and T-chowk more livable. Other projects include the construction of Blue Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on this expressway and the development of Green Line BRT between Bhara Kahu, PIMS, and PIMS.

CDA’s main priority at the moment is to improve transport services for the general public and restore Islamabad’s old road infrastructure. It envisions both economic and environmental reforms as a result of better transportation facilities within and around Washington DC.

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