Rapiniamo il Duce – The Italian Movie on NetFlix as ‘Robbing Mussolini’: Stream it or Skip it?


Rapiniamo il Duce’, the Italian film, is streaming as “Robbing Mussolini” via Netflix along with English subtitles. It debuted on Netflix’s OTT platform on the 26th of October and is now available on Netflix for viewers for live streaming.

Pietro Castellitto plays the lead character Isola she is a wartime weapon theft thief and is looking to steal the riches of Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini with the help of his gang of misfits. The script was written by and directed by Renato De Maria.

Robbing Mussolini Plot

Isola is the son of the rebel who was executed and educated to believe that thieves have more chance of survival than heroes. As he prepares to conclude a deal with automatic weapons, he gets stopped by fascists in the raid. The gang now forms an army and plans to steal the treasures of Mussolini which is being transferred to Switzerland. The theft isn’t even a possibility however he is determined to stake everything and carry out the strategy.

Italian Movie on NetFlix

The Cast

In addition to Pietro Castellitto, the other stars of the film are,

  • Tommaso Ragno as Marcello
  • Matilde De Angelis as Yvonne
  • Marcello Macchia as Giovanni Fabbri
  • Alberto Astorri as Molotov
  • Filippo Timi as Borsalino
  • Isabella Ferrari as Nora Cavalieri
  • Coco Rebecca Edogamhe is Hessa

Our Thoughts

“Robbig Mussolini” is an hour-and-a-half film with a captivating storyline, but it fails to execute. Even though it’s a heist movie but it does not have the enthralling element and relies on proven methods. The way in which the events are planned is straightforward and therefore isn’t able to captivate.

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The plot attempts to make the appearance of a seemingly impossible heist against the context to World War II, which creates a remarkably predictable. This is among the reasons why the death of the iconic character isn’t enough to provoke a sympathetic reaction and avoids any connection to the end of the story.

The performance of the main character is not convincing and adds to the uninteresting aspect of this heist film. The audience will notice Isola’s character as a slender figure in the moral compass, but Isola manages to find an endpoint.

Robbing Mussolini to Stream or skip?

The story had the ingredients to shine and make an impact through a flawless setup. However, the weakly crafted screenplay prevents the film from gaining momentum by keeping the aspect of interest from the viewers’ reach. If you’re an avid fan of the past and heists, there is a way to watch the film on Netflix.

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