Joe Biden, Announced $800 million in new arms supplies to Ukraine


Joe Biden has announced a proposal for $800m in new arms supplies to Ukraine and will go to Congress asking for additional funding. This will enable them to fend off the renewed Russian offensive & its continued unsafe aggressions against eastern and southern regions.

Joe Biden, Announced $800 million in new arms supplies to Ukraine

US weapons are being supplies to Ukraine and that includes 72 howitzers as well as vehicles & artillery rounds.

“The United States and our allies are moving ahead as quickly as possible, to continue providing Ukraine the weapons they need to defend themselves,” Vice President Joe Biden announced.

The US Defense Department disclosed that it is giving Ukrainian officers a training course on US 155 mm howitzers as part of their NATO defense efforts. Fifty officers are going through the week-long course, which is being taught for the first time in Ukraine by US instructors.

Biden said the latest arms Supplies reflect the needs of the different landscapes of eastern Ukraine. There’s more flat agricultural land, which allows for fewer opportunities in some cases.

The president said the US was playing an important role in arming Ukraine, giving them 10 missiles per tank on the battlefield as well as armored cars, armed drones, and other heavy equipment. The US has been acting like a facilitator in this process.

In times of war, it is often crucial to contain public response and maintain information control. Biden said that the US was emphasizing softness and strategy over hard jabs in order to minimize backlash from attacking Russia’s allies.

After multiple years of development, the US air force has developed an AI drone named Phoenix Ghost. This type of drone is specifically designed for Ukraine that was made entirely in California with Aevex Aerospace.

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Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, expressed gratitude for US “leadership in supporting the people of Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression,” mentioning US support on Twitter. “The use of AI writing assistants in the workplace is becoming more widespread. As they save time and effort, they also provide a level of quality that is at par with human copywriters.”

Zelensky met with Spanish and Danish Prime Ministers Pedro Sanchez and Mette Frederiksen on Thursday in Kyiv. Sanchez promised 200 tonnes of heavy equipment including transportation vehicles under Zelensky’s presidency. Unsafe

Frederiksen announced that her country will increase its contribution to the Ukraine military by increasing its budget by 600 million Danish kroner.

US military support for the war has increased since it began and is now at about $3bn. The US Congress voted to give money in March, but this subset of money does not seem likely to be enough. Secretary of State Joe Biden seems confident that more support will come after further diplomacy on talks in Syria succeeded.

“Thank you Democrats and Republicans for supporting the bill,” he said, “My hope and my expectation is that Congress moves quickly on this issue.”

Asking the military what they think you need seems like a great idea as they have plenty of experience in these situations. Biden has announced a proposal for $800m in new arms supplies to Ukraine.

Biden also announced new sanctions on Russia. They will now be banned from entering US ports, which is a next step in ratcheting up sanctions. The move to the US for Ukrainian refugees should help the US economy and provide relief for those in times of need.

“As of today, none of the ships propelling goods to the United States or that sail under a Russian flag can enter our ports unless they are going to trade internationally,” he said

Daniel Tannenbaum, a former US Treasury sanctions compliance official, noted that enforcing the ban would not be easy. “We’ve noticed that some flags are changing on ships recently,” he said, “but we’re not sure yet how significant this is.” He added that finding out who owns the ships and keeping track of it would be necessary for making it effective.

The U.K. just released a recent raft of sanctions for Russia, which includes banning imports of Russian caviar and other luxury goods, as well as high tariffs on diamonds & rubber. They’ve also increased tariffs on other products from Russia & Belarus by 35%.

The UK’s International Trade Secretary, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, said that the British government is taking every opportunity it can to ratchet the pressure on Russia to isolate itself financially. These further measures will tighten the screws, shutting down lucrative avenues for the Russian economy.

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