Kong will be coming into Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty WarzoneCall of Duty Warzone

Activision has announced an exciting crossover to Call of Duty Warzone

The game’s most famous characters –the massive creatures Godzilla, as well as Kong, will be featured in a brand new mode with a limited-time play which will begin on May 11th, the day after.

Operation Monarch in Call of Duty Warzone

In the new mode named Operation Monarch, players will battle to be the last team standing, as Godzilla as well as Kong roam around the island. Although the creatures “usually do not get violent,” at certain points during a game it is possible that they “become angry and recklessly attack” during the mode of “Titan frenzy” in the blog post from Director of Activision’s James Mattone.

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“After receiving a Titan Frenzy alert, an operator has two options to take a tactical retreat (run off) from the dangerous creatures or try to thwart them through direct injury,” Mattone says. If you can do enough harm to either creature in the Titan Frenzy or get sufficient “Monarch Intel” during a game and you’ll be granted the Killstreak ability that allows you to utilize the powers of Godzilla as well as Kong.

Call of Duty: Warzone
Call of Duty: Warzone

Operation Monarch mode in Call of Duty Warzone

Operation Monarch mode will be available from May 11th until the 25th of May. Operation Monarch mode will be accessible from May 11th through May 25th. As part of the celebration, Activision is also releasing some Godzilla and Kong-themed items in the game which include skins.

Godzilla and Kong mode Godzilla Kong mode and the Godzilla Kong mod are the newest innovative crossover in an online battle royale game. Fortnite is, of course, is well-known for its tie-ins to brands however did you not know it was that PUBG Mobile has just launched the second game in its partnership with… Pinkfong’s Baby Shark? ( Yes, that one.)

There is a new shooter out in the market, called Call of Duty Warzone. This game is highly anticipated and has huge potential to capture the essence of Call of Duty players.

The game has an interesting premise and tells the story of two gamers who come together in order to save humanity from an alien race called the “Dark” which plans to destroy all our hope and future

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