Laughter is the Best Medicine It’s the best ways to reduce stress

Laughter is the best medicine — it relieves stress

I’ve heard the old saying, the best ways to reduce stress is Laughter. but it turns out to be true. Laughter is a form of stress relief, and laughter “not only relieves stress,” explains Mayo Clinic, but “actually causes physical changes in your body.”

Best ways to reduce stress is through Laughter

Laughter has been shown to lower the levels of certain stress hormones in the body. By reducing the presence and production of these stress hormones through “happy activities” (such as laughing), one can improve the overall health and well-being of a person.

Laughter can also raise the levels of beneficial hormones such as endorphins and neurotransmitters in the body. Increasing the level of endorphins in the body raises a person’s pain threshold and makes laughter a kind of painkiller. Even forced laughter, usually without humorous stimuli, improves mood. 

Laughter can even help you stay healthy. It has been widely studied that laughter can stimulate antibody cells to develop faster by altering the body’s chemistry through hormonal changes. This increase in antibodies means that the body can more easily fight illnesses, and infections and efficient ways to reduce stress.

Laughter is also a natural way to move different muscle groups in your body. When you laugh, whether you giggle or laugh, muscles are used to create that movement. Laughter activates the body’s diaphragm and abdominal muscles as they repeatedly expand and contract.

If you have high blood pressure, laugh more and watch your blood pressure drop. Studies show that “happy laughter” due to the physical act of laughing results in an initial increase in arterial blood pressure, followed by a fall below normal resting blood pressure.

The process of laughter allows us to use our respiratory system very quickly and vigorously for short periods of time. This intense activity stimulates increased blood flow with a temporary increase in heart rate, increasing the amount of oxygen flowing into the brain and promoting healthier brain function.

Laughter also helps improve memory. Combining basic learning with emotional reactions such as laughter and humor can expand and complicate the connections and relationships that the brain makes during “learning” ways to reduce stress. It’s easy to remember the facts and details, as there are more connections in our memory.

The combination relieves stress hormones increased endorphins, and increased oxygenation of the blood and brain causing increased creativity. By improving overall brain health and bolstering its natural support system, both hemispheres can work together more efficiently, so creativity has a place to foster and grow. 

The internet is an amazing place to search out funny stories, cartoons, and jokes to make you laugh, which is good for your health. So sign up for the computer classes if necessary and find new ways to tickle your funny bone

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