LG Gaming Monitors First to Receive (VESA)

LG Gaming MonitorsLG Gaming Monitors

LG Gaming Monitors Are The World’s First to Meet the the New VESA Display Standard.

It’s great to see the latest models of monitors and TVs striving to be able to handle the sudden increase in gaming graphics but it’s also beginning to make purchasing a new gaming display more complex than before.

If that process was simplified or impeded due to the introduction of the brand new Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) Adaptive Sync Display standard is a matter of personal preference.

LG Gaming Monitors

However, what we can now confirm is that the first monitors that were officially recognized as being able to use the VESA standard have been made available to be the two LG Ultra Gear models.

27GP950 and the 27GP850. LG UltraGear 27GP950 and 27GP850 are the world’s first monitors to get VESA AdaptiveSync.

LG Gaming Monitors
LG Gaming Monitors

In the wake of their approval, both monitors will be able advertise themselves using a VESA”AdaptiveSync” logo, which has been created to assist consumers to discern and evaluate the different refresh rate (VRR) performance of VESA AdaptiveSync compatible gaming monitors.

The obtaining of an VESA the AdaptiveSync display certification doesn’t merely a matter of LG asking VESA whether it is able to have it.

The 27GP950 and 27GP850 have gone through tests that encompass more than 50 different requirements that include such things as refresh rates or screen flickering, delay and gray to gray response times – in order to get an award bearing the VESA logo.

The two LG 27-inch displays that have received the initial VESA Certification for AdaptiveSync feature LG’s Nano IPS panels that offer wide viewing angles with a wide color range and 4K resolution. They also have High-Refresh Rates, HDR support, and responses as short as 1ms. The 0 is widely available at the time the writing process, costing around $500/PS300 and $800/PS700 respectively.

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