The Eight list of sovereign states FIFA Doesn’t Recognize

list of sovereign states

There are some countries that cannot fight for the World Cup, Euros, or UEFA Nations League. These 8 list of sovereign states are not recognized by FIFA.


With a population of 38.682 people and an area just over 2 km squared,


They do have their own team though, created in 1994. Despite living for 25 years, they are still not recognized by FIFA


It is part of Oceania, and the capital is Palikir. It is home to more than 100,000 people and covers 702 km2.

Marshall Islands

They are also in Oceania and were independent in 1990. Their national team cannot have high international targets.

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Since 1979, the national side has existed for a long time. They are also not approved by FIFA, with 11,819 residents.


Palau is included in the list of sovereign states which are not recognized by FIFA. An archipelago with more than 500 islands located in the Pacific Ocean. The national team was established in 1998.


From Oceania. Although they are a small nation in Micronesia, their team is not part of FIFA.


They are the newest side, having started in 2005. It is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Tarawa being its capital. The country has just 122,000 residents.

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