Mark Zuckerberg just demonstrated Meta’s Next Mixed Reality VR Headset in action.

Mark Zuckerberg just demonstrated Meta's Next Mixed Reality VR Headset in action

Mark Zuckerberg just showed how Meta’s upcoming Mixed Reality VR headset will work demo using Meta Cambria shows how it also integrates AR and VRas Quest 2 headsets, which could be used to develop applications while in the meantime.

It’s the next Meta VR headset that will follow Quest 2 and will be something that’s currently referred to as Project Cambria. It’s a mixed-reality headset expected to be released in 2022. Meta Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg just demonstrated for the first time how the headset will perform.

Contrary to AR headsets, such as the HoloLens 2 or the Magic Leap 2 that have lenses that are transparent and overlay semi-transparent holographic images over the top, Meta Cambria is a VR headset that utilizes modern cameras to send color video as well as incorporate VR in the stream. The current Quest 2 can do this to a degree, but it is a grainy black-and-white video. Meta Cambria will provide higher-res video in color to make the experience more authentic and enjoyable.

Mark Zuckerberg just demonstrated Meta's Next Mixed Reality VR Headset in actio

The technology existed prior but it was only available in premium professional headsets. I tested my hand at the Varjo XR-3 which is a lidar-equipped VR device that blended video feeds and VR to create remarkably convincing AR-like effects.

Meta appears to be looking to get a Cambria headset, which could be employed for work and professional reasons. Zuckerberg also mentions its potential use in exercise (putting fitness equipment inside your space) and also for expanding virtual monitors to work. Additionally, Meta will be enabling the creation of mixed reality apps using its Presence Platform that allows experiences to be developed cross-platform specifically for Quest 2 and the next-gen headset. Quest 2 can do mixed reality, but in low quality in the hopes that these apps will run on Cambria in a higher quality when it launches.

Zuckerberg announced that a demonstration mixed-reality application, dubbed The World Beyond, will be available to download via Quest 2’s App Lab. It was mentioned at last year’s Connect conference as an opportunity to test the possibilities of mixed reality using VR headsets.

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