Sadie Sink on Fate of Max in Stranger Things season 5: ‘I just want her to be healthy

Max in Stranger Things

It’s far from Season 5 and the final episode of Stranger Things on our screens However, that hasn’t prevented the cast members from discussing their hopes for their characters during the final hour of the show. The show’s stars recently spoke about their hopes for the future. Max in Stranger Things spoke with Extra Television about her expectations about the upcoming season of Stranger Things the fifth season as she was advertising her new film “Dear Zoe.

As those who keep up to date with the show’s Stranger Things are aware, Max ends season 4 in a precarious position. Technically speaking, Vecna killed Max however Eleven has managed to save her. Unfortunately, even her powers can’t reverse the massive damage done by Vecna which breaks the majority of Max’s bones, leaving she blind, and permanently apprehensive by the time we last saw her.

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The fifth season is being written, nobody is sure what will transpire with the characters out of the writers’ room. Sink acknowledged that she’s as “clueless as the rest the world today” in relation to her character. This is the same as Co-star Millie Bobby Brown.

Max in Stranger Things

Brown has been in the spotlight promoting her upcoming Netflix movie Enola Holmes 2. and said she didn’t know what the new season will be about as of yet.

“I am not sure. People say, ‘Oh you shouldn’t talk about it too much, such as don’t ruin it. I’m thinking”Oh, no I’d like to ruin it, but but I don’t know what I’m talking about that’s true,'” Brown told Entertainment Tonight.

Sadie Sink wants Max in Stranger Things 5 to be healthy

While the actors on the show may not be aware of what destiny has in store for their character, they are able to still predict the future and develop dreams of their own. For Sink, her fantasies about Max are quite easy.

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“I’m very curious to know about the ideal world in which she’s gotten back from her coma. I’m very interested in seeing how she’s changed through this entire incident. I want her to be healthy.”

With Max’s current health the fact that she wants to do well makes a lot of sense! In any case, Sink says that she “will be there in any way they require me” when it’s time to film season 5.

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