New Tesla 2022 is now able to Detect Pothole

New Tesla 2022 is now able to Detect Pothole

Do you think that body damage is not a thing in the distant past?

New Tesla 2022 : Tesla is now able to detect potholes and alter suspension of the vehicle to prevent damage: Tesla’s most recent software update comes with an interesting sounding feature that can help to prevent a significant amount of underbody damage. It could also prevent some driver-related damage, Electrekreports. 

New Tesla 2022 is now able to Detect Pothole to avoid Damage

According to the release notes the latest update (2022.20) will allow Tesla vehicles to monitor the road in front of potholes and adjust suspension to take into account rough roads.

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Tesla owners can turn on the feature by choosing “Comfort” within the Adaptive Suspension Damping option. The new feature will depend on the location where the vehicle is operated, meaning that it might not be accessible for every pothole or road crack. “This adjustment can be made at different locations depending on the availability when the vehicle downloads the rough road map data created by Tesla automobiles,” the release notes declare in accordance with It is not the Tesla app.

new tesla 2022
new tesla 2022


It is important to note that the update does not apply for Autopilot as well as Full Self-Driving, meaning the vehicle isn’t able to avoid or steer around the damage caused by roads. Elon Musk has said that Tesla is currently working on a deterrence mechanism that uses 3D labels to make pothole maps. However, it appears that the feature is in development.

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 However, automated suspension adjustments are not something to be laughed at. This can prevent a great deal of damage to vehicles that could otherwise be inevitable for drivers.

The update also comes with the Green light sound to reduce distracted driving. We’ve all been in the middle of an idiot who’s focused more on their smartphone than to the traffic light ahead. This new feature could reduce road anger, or at the very least decrease the chance of being yelled at by motorists who wait in front of you.

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Electrek states that the green light function is only available for vehicles equipped with the physical 3.0 computer, which is also referred to as the self-driving system. “This alarm is intended to provide a signal,” the notes add. “It is the responsibility of the driver to be aware of their surroundings and make the appropriate decisions.”

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