Otavio Monteiro’s Biography Age, Height Accomplishments, Facts, and Net Worth.

Otavio Monteiro

Otavio Edmilson da Silva Monteiro also called Otavio Monteiro (or Otavinho is a Brazilian-born Portuguese professional footballer. He is an attacking midfielder with Porto’s Primeira Liga club, Porto, and also for the Portuguese nation’s team. He was a player in the ranks of youth at Internacional He was a member of the club’s senior team prior to shifting to Porto. He played on loan at Vitoria Guimaraes before returning to Porto in the year 2016. He has already taken home 2 Primeira Liga titles, one Taca de Portugal, and two Supertaca Candido de Oliveira with Porto.

Born in Brazil He played for Brazil’s U-20 team prior to deciding to represent Portugal at the international senior level.

What is Otavio Most Famous for?

With Porto, Candido de Otavio Monteiro won two Premier League championships, one Taca de Portugal, and two Supertacas.

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Where is Born Otavio Monteiro?

Otavio was born on the 9th of February, 1995 Otavio Edmilson da Silva Monteiro is his real name. His birthplace is Joao Pessoa in Brazil. He is of Portuguese citizenship. He was granted Portuguese citizenship in the month of March 2021. The father of his son, Otavio Monteiro, and his mother Claudia da Silva. He is a zodiac sign, Leo.

What is the Age of Otavio Monteiro?

Otavio was born on February 9th, 1995. Otavio Edmilson da Silva Monteiro was his birth name. Brazil’s Joao Pessoa is where he was raised. He is of Portuguese descent. He was granted citizenship in March of 2021 and received awarded Portuguese citizenship. The father of his, Otavio Monteiro, as well as his mom, Claudia da Silva, gave birth to him. His astrological signification is Leo.

Otavio Monteiro Family Background

Otavio Monteiro's Biography Age, Height Accomplishments, Facts, and Net Worth.

A Brazilian birthed Portuguese footballer comes from a middle-class family. To get through the day in Brazil Otavio Monteiro’s family depended on a van.

Based on our research, Otavio’s father was a Van driver. The vehicle was used to transport goods and people in exchange for money. provide for his family.

In a number of instances, Otavio Monteiro (as they refer to him as their Dad) drove his son to and from training to their home as a family.

Otavio’s dad’s encouragement for his professional career (using his automobile) is very to Bruno Guimaraes’ Biography. In simple terms, Bruno’s father was a well-known Taxi driver who lived in Brazil. When Otavio was in his Childhood the father would sometimes quit his job to save his own. Mr. Monteiro would drive for two hours to bring his son to school.

Then, he’d travel for another two hours to return home. In the present, Otavinho repays this great Man for the sacrifices he took for his fellow man.

On the other side, Claudia Valeria (Otavio’s Mum) is a professional cook and housewife. Together with their daughters (Otavio’s Sister) manages the kitchen of the family organized. According to her, Claudia Valeria Mendes da Silva has a special bond with her children.

Otavio Monteiro The Family’s Origin

This section will provide the answers to questions regarding where Otavio is (country-wise). For starters, Otavio’s nationality is linked to both Brazil as well as Portugal. The baller is Brazilian due to his birthplace. In addition, Otavio’s Mother (Claudia), as well as his Father (Otavio Sr.), are Brazilians through birth.

Where in Brazil where does the Family Otavio Monteiro from?

The Portuguese footballer comes from Joao Pessoa located situated in Paraiba, Brazil. It is a port town in the northeastern region of Brazil. Joao Pessoa city is in the state of Paraiba which has an estimated population of 817,511 people (as of 2020). This map gallery will explain the origins of Otavio’s.

Who is Otavio Ehe?

Otavio Monteiro is married. His wife is Diandra Machado. They have two children, one son, and one daughter. Further details on his private life will be added here.

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Otavio Monteiro and Diandra’s History of Dating

Otavio Monteiro's Biography Age, Height Accomplishments, Facts, and Net Worth.

In actual reality, the lovers have been dating for over 10 years. The first indication of a relationship between Otavio Monteiro and Diandra occurred in the month of September 2014. At that moment, the footballer was just receiving the transfer deal to Internacional and was transferred to FC Porto.

A few weeks prior to the transfer of Otavio Monteiro into Porto, Diandra Machado published the image below. It was at that point that it was revealed that there was a connection between the two. Otavio was spotted in the area, perhaps reading up on rumors about his planned FC Porto transfer.

Otavio’s Weight and Height

Otavio has a height of 1.72 meters tall, which is five feet eight inches high. He weighs around 65kg. He has a strong physique. Their eyes are brown as is his dark hair. His sexual orientation is heterosexual.

What are Otavio’s Net Worth and Salary?

Otavio is a Portuguese professional footballer who is currently playing at his Portuguese team, FC Porto. After beginning his professional football career with Internacional at the end of 2012, he was signed by Porto in 2014. He also played an on loan time in Vitoria and then returned to Porto in the year 2016. His earnings come from salary, contracts, and endorsements. His net worth and salary information will be updated shortly.

Otavio Life Style

In the summer, Otavio Monteiro and Diandra visit some of the most luxurious horse riding destinations. The Portuguese footballer regards Horse riding as an enjoyable activity as well as exercising.

We’ve created the Biography of some footballers who are passionate about horse riding. These comprise Thorgan Hazard Faiq Bolkiah Luis Muriel, Timothy Castagne, Joel Campbell, Toby Alderweireld, John Terry (notably his wife), and Shiek Mansour.

“Otavio’s” Car and House

As a young man, He dreamed of having a Land Rover. Otavio purchased his first automobile (a Hyundai Azera) on his 18th birthday. In addition, Baller bought his first house which was a gorgeous apartment in Shopping Iguatemi, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Otavio’s Facts

In the final part of his Biography, we’ll discuss some facts that you might not have known about his life. In order to not waste your time of you, we’ll start.

The Meaning Behind Otavio’s Tattoos

An image of the Virgin Mary is located on the left side of his arm. It indicates that Otavio is a Catholic. One of the tattoos that we can see is the Bible passage (Isaiah 54:17) placed on the palm of his hand.

Claudia Valeria Mendes da Silva is his mother. He has an image of her tattooed on his left hand. In the past, the tattoo of Otavio’s grandparents’ birth date is located on his neck.

The Otavio’s FIFA Facts

Based on the statistics listed below Otavinho can be described as a total footballer. Apart from the defense of the ball, the only thing he’s lacking in football is his jumping and head accuracy. Otavio isn’t yet at his peak and doesn’t deserve his rating of 82/82 FIFA rating.

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