12 Mobile Apps that Make Travel Easier


Particularly with children to accompany mobile apps that make travel easier. It’s, however, far more simple than it used to be two years back. I can still recall how I had to navigate an unfamiliar country with a paper map and how booking a hotel was feasible via phone or through a travel agent.

Today we can access the internet wherever we are (almost) and plenty and lots of online support mobile apps that make travel easier

Below are 12 apps for mobile that make travel easier. we have found to be the most helpful on our trips. I hope they help you as well!


This app doesn’t require much explanation. If you’re unfamiliar with it Skyscanner is among the numerous apps that allow users to find the lowest priced hotel rooms, flights, and car rentals. It is primarily used for flights because they appear to have the most extensive database of similar apps which makes it pretty simple to find what we’re searching for.

It’s also an option to choose “everywhere” to be your destination for travel and be motivated! There are many places in the world that you would never even consider.


The app is very similar to Skyscanner. However, it is more efficient in regards to marking flights you are interested in, as well as making price alerts. It also gives you advice on whether you should make a booking immediately and wait till prices become lower. It’s worth noting it has a user-friendly interface that is according to me much more user-friendly than Skyscanner’s.


make travel easier

It’s as the name implies this app is a must-have application for anyone who is planning a road trip! When you choose the beginning and endpoint of your journey the app will provide you with numerous suggestions for activities to take in and spots to visit on your route and make travel easier. It’s a huge time-saver. It can also be used to explore cool spots within the region in which you’re heading. You can also choose one of the preset routes and follow the route.


I’m a bullet journal addict, therefore, I have a comprehensive checklist of my packing. But I also realize there aren’t many who have the time to create bujo spreads in advance of every trip. You could prefer to save time and go with the simplest solution!

PackPoint is my opinion the best application available which helps you decide the items you should bring for your next trip. It’ll generate an item list of what you need to bring on the information you input (dates locations, dates, activities, etc.). Of, course, you’ll be able to alter the list after it’s created. In the majority of cases, it’s pretty accurate.



There’s a jet-lag prevention app! Hooray! It offers a custom-made plan based on science to help you reach your destination in top form. Unfortunately, the app isn’t completely cost-free. It is, however, possible to try it (your first plan for jet lag is free) and decide if you are satisfied enough to purchase. The application will inform you what you should do. If you should go to be awake, sleep or take a nap, what time you should drink your coffee or tea, etc. This is a fascinating concept and, based on the evidence, does work pretty well!

Guides by Lonely PLANET

It’s the equivalent of a Lonely Planet guidebook, with an app! It includes offline maps cities guides, currency converters, city guides small dictionaries and neighborhood guides, and more. The base version of the app is completely free but there are in-app purchases available. The high quality of all details is guaranteed. After all, the app is owned by Lonely Planet make travel easier. This is a fantastic alternative if you’re not able to make use of a thorough application for everything that you’ll do on your travels.


Are you interested in getting off the beaten path and experiencing cities as an actual local? If yes, Cool Cousin is an application to help and make travel easier. It lets you connect with “cousins” who are people all over the world, eager to share their thoughts and advice within their local communities. The database for the app covers over 100 cities and is continuously expanding. There’s also the possibility to become a “cousin” yourself when you’re enthusiastic about the area in which you reside. We haven’t tried it yet however we have heard positive feedback from other users!


12 Mobile Apps that Make Travel Easier

It’s exactly what it says it is a currency converter. One thing I like about it is it operates offline as well. In case you are away from wifi, it is still possible to use it with no problems. It’s easy to use and extremely user-friendly!


It’s a lifesaver application for those traveling with small children! In essence, it addresses the question that is in the name. The app has over 280,000 public toilets across the globe make travel easier and is constantly updated. If you spot a bathroom nearby it can connect with Google Maps to guide you to where it is. Be aware that before you begin using the app (the map is not the bathroom ) it will ask you to download the database for the location, that should take 30 seconds if your device has an adequate wifi connection.

I’m not sure if it’s currently available on iOS as of the moment you’re reading this, however, there’s an identical app named Flush that you can download in lieu!


It’s free and a user-friendly application that will provide all the necessary information about first aid, in various situations. The app is endorsed by Red Cross & Red Crescent societies, which means you can be confident that the information provided is authentic. Follow the simple steps to guide you through daily first-aid scenarios. You can also use it to help you learn as I am doing.


An excellent app that allows you to check the quality of air at the location you’re living in (or in the area, you’re planning to travel to) make travel easier. It provides you with the current state and an outlook for the next 24 hours. It also offers information about temperatures, wind speed, UV index as well as humidity. If you’d like to learn more, it reveals whether or not to engage in certain outdoor activities.

PLACES VISITED A TRAVEL TRACKER” Application Make Travel Easier

The name of the app suggests that this application lets you keep the track of cities, countries, and other destinations that are popular with tourists (I’m talking about UNESCO parks, national sites, and so on). You can also create your Bucket List – places you’d like to visit. It’s a must-have for all adventurous travelers!

As of the time I’m writing this article, the Places Been app is, unfortunately, only available for Android devices. A similar app that is available for iOS has been released called Visited.

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