Pakistan’s Mango Production to Suffer 50% decline Due to Heatwave

Pakistan's Mango Production to Suffer 50% decline Due to Heatwave

The mango production in Pakistan is expected to see a dramatic drop of 50 percent in the current season due to the lack of water and the unusually high temperatures, according to the head of the growers’ and exporters’ organization.

Mango production in Pakistan

The country was hit by an extreme heat wave in May 2022 which saw temperatures reaching fifty degrees Celsius in some parts of the country. The summer heatwave had a huge effect on the South Asian region, and scientists have warned that over one billion people are in danger from its effects on the region.

The head of the Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchants Association Waheed Ahmed has said that the crop was greatly affected by the heatwave that quickly changed from about 28-29 degrees in March to around 42 degrees.
The association has reduced its export targets by 25,000 tonnes in comparison to the previous year.

He also said that the Mango production is expected to decrease by 50% this year, as the scorching temperatures during the blooming of the trees adversely affected the fruit. While the heat can ripen the delicious yellow fruit the premature increase in temperatures, along with the shortage of water, is a major problem for the mango crop.
It is crucial to point out it is important to note that Pakistan is the fifth largest producer of mangoes, following India, China, Thailand, and Indonesia. Pakistan has an average production of almost 1.8 million tonnes.

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