Plans for the summer holidays 2022

Plans for the summer holidays 2022

What Are Your Plans for the summer holidays of 2022? Do you have any plans for this summer? Socializing with friends?

Would you like to start a new project? Does this summer mean a big change for you?

Want to move to high school or college or start a summer job?

The city is back in the summer (again!) Julia Carmel shares some recommendations for spending the next few months in New York City. Whether you live somewhere in the country or somewhere in the world, you will find many similar activities in your community. The list looks like this:

Yours Plans for the summer holidays 2022

Visit the farmers market.

If you like adventure, try something you’ve never tried before. At our next picnic in Prospect Park, we’ll be trying out a new flavor of goat cheese from Lin Haven Farm at Grand Army Plaza Green Market.

If you like more ready-to-eat meals, Korsha has Doubles, a specialty Trinidad street food with flatbread and juicy chickpea stew, Crown Heights A & A Bake, Roti Shop, and Aris Roti Shop, and Flatbread Peppers Jerk Chicken. I like it. Make plans for the summer and enjoy your holidays.

Visit the new museum.

I would like to see a retrospective of Rafael Montagnes Ortiz at El Museo del Barrio and a show by Duke Riley and Virgil Abloh at the Brooklyn Museum.

Plans for the summer holidays 2022

Spend the afternoon and discover something new.

Last summer, after my trip to ChicagoParis, was canceled due to bad weather, I visited Au Cheval, and half-crushed silver beans (British artist Anish Kapoor, officially known as Chicago’s “Cloud Gate”). (similar to the famous beans in Chicago) was said to be approaching completion on Leonard Street in Lower Manhattan.

Check out some live music shows. Celebrating Brooklyn, the Lincoln Center, and the Parks Authority (can I say I love parks? ), all calendars are free this summer.


To be honest, I don’t know much about baseball, but the national team’s Nick Bogelburrows sent me to the Brooklyn Cyclones game. I was convinced: sometimes there are fireworks! There are always frozen drinks!

Find out what lives in our park.

With many birdwatching events, Times colleague and New Yorker extraordinary Dodai Stewart have signed up for a collaboration with horseshoe crabs. 

Try a new hobby.

There are free kayaking lessons on the Hudson River, Gowanus shuffleboard courts, and many free dance and exercise classes scattered throughout the city’s parks. (I’ve always wanted to try blown glass, but it might save me in cold weather.)

Students, please read the entire article and then tell us:

Did any of the ideas in the article catch your eye? What do you want or want to see in your community this summer?

What do you achieve or want to achieve this summer? Do you have the goal of reading a book? Do you spend more time outside? Looking for a job?


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