Protect Your Hair This Summer—Here’s Why?


The Dermatologist and the Hairstylist are urging you to use antioxidants to protect your hair this summer. Here’s why

Every dermatologist will tell you that applying antioxidants and SPF to your skin during spring and summer is essential. Your skin will be more sensitive to the sun’s rays and pollutants if you spend more time outdoors. This is why extra protection is important for maintaining a healthy complexion. What about your hair?

These environmental stressors can cause the same kind of free radical damage to your hair and scalp as your skin. This could be why your worst hair problems are likely to result from them. Pros say that antioxidant protection for your scalp and hair strands is equally important as protecting your skin. Continue reading to find out more about how UV and pollution damage can affect your hair.

In simple terms, free radicals can be described as molecules with unpaired electrons. This makes them unstable. They seek out healthy cells to steal their electrons in an effort to stabilize themselves. In the end, these initially healthy cells become unstable and cease to function as they should. There are many types of free radicals. However, we most often encounter reactive oxygen species (ROS). “The unpaired electrons in oxygen atoms are constantly searching for pairs of electrons. This is what causes all kinds of damage to DNA, cells, and proteins.”

Protect Your Hair This Summer—Here’s Why?

Your skin is most vulnerable to this type of damage, which manifests in wrinkles, discoloration, and sagging. However, your hair is not immune. Bridgette Hill, certified trichologist, says that 2022 studies have shown that UV and air pollution can impact both the chemical and physical appearance of hair fibers. The hair fibers can become dry, frizzy, brittle and rough-textured due to UV damage and pollution. This results in a loss or color and shine. In addition, pollution and UV damage can result in chemical changes to hair fibers that reduce the amount of protein needed for growth. They can also destroy the lipid bonds which keep hair healthy, strong, shiny, and healthy.

These effects will be visible on the hair’s surface, but the damage is deeper. “Direct damage not only occurs to the cuticle or outer layer of hair but also to the matrix cells, which permanently reduces hair’s quality,

Sun damage and pollution could also be the cause of your hair falling out or a lack thereof. Recent studies have shown that UV radiation and pollution can cause hair loss by prematurely triggering the shedding or exogen phases of the hair cycle. Hill says that there is more evidence to suggest that excessive UV radiation may trigger an underlying cause for androgenic hair loss.

Antioxidants are the first line of defense against damage to the skin. The same principle applies for hair and scalp care. How to use antioxidants to treat hair

This doesn’t mean you have to apply your antioxidant skin serum immediately to your hair. There are many hair products that contain antioxidants that can help fight off free radicals. First, you need to find the right antioxidants to protect your hair from free radical damage. Hill recommends enzymes, superoxide dimutase and Vitamins E, C and A as the best ingredients to add to your protective hair regimen.

Antioxidants have a water-based molecular structure that binds to the scalp and creates a protective layer. Hill says this helps to retain moisture, reduce inflammation and stimulate cellular renewal. Joshua Zeichner MD, a NYC-based dermatologist, suggests using “shampoos and conditions” that deliver antioxidants to preserve hair’s integrity.

Hill suggests applying a hair oil after you have finished showering to provide additional protection. These heavier products can cause hair damage, especially if they are applied to the scalp. Drew Schaefering is a Brooklyn hairstylist and says that oils can sometimes weigh down hair and cause damage to the hair. Additional forms of protection

Protect Your Hair This Summer—Here’s Why?

Like most things in beauty, true care is from within. Hill and Dr. Alexiades both note that while the idea of applying antioxidants on the hair and scalp is sound, it is still relatively new science. Research shows that eating foods rich in antioxidants and taking oral vitamins can help protect your hair and scalp against oxidative stress. When styling your hair with antioxidant products, be sure to include antioxidant-rich foods such as tomatoes, citrus, bell peppers, and cruciferous veggies in your diet.

Remember that protection is key when it comes to sun and pollution, especially for urban dwellers. You’ll have a shiny, full head of hair if you wear hats and scarves during summer activities.

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