PUBG Mobile 2.0 Updates May 2022

PUBG Mobile 2.0 Updates PUBG PC 1v1 Arena Training

According to Tencent they have big changes coming in May, as they’re launching PUBG Mobile’s 2.0 update. In addition to all the teasers from the developers, there are some rumors about the changes that are coming in the most recent update.

Apart from the map updates that are coming to PUBG Mobile as well, they’re also adding modifications to the game overall. From the mechanics of vehicles to audio settings to haptics Tencent hopes to improve the overall experience for their players through these adjustments.

Arena & Map Updates

In the new version of PUBG Mobile 2.0, players get the Arena model of the map that resembles a jungle, Sanhok. In addition, Recall Towers is making the return to Erangel as well as Livik map for a short duration.

PUBG Mobile 2.0 Updates PUBG PC 1v1 Arena Training

Anti-Cheat System Updates:

Cheats are prevalent in PUBG Mobile, which is similar to Rules of Survival and playable on smartphones. The difference is that Tencent will take banning and taking down cheaters very seriously. In the latest update, they have introduced a brand new system known as Ban Pan Security System 2.0. Ban Pan Security System 2.0.

Ban Pan System Updates:

According to Tencent the brand new Ban Pan system will make securing cheaters’ accounts easier through the implementation of more stringent guidelines. Furthermore, the new system is based on the latest anti-cheat technology that ensures the players’ POVs will be discerned. Through the use of this system, known as the Fog of War Anti-Cheat System which is a system for players who use the most popular cheating techniques (x-ray vision auto-aim, wallhacks, and auto-aim) are easily identifiable.

Eagle Eye System

Apart from being a part of the Ban Pan method, PUBG Mobile is also launching an Eagle System. With this Eagle System, investigators can check matches in real-time for any suspicious behavior. This is an improvement from their previous anti-cheat program since even if players complain about cheaters they have encountered and it takes a time for the team to look into the matter.

Black Pink Collaboration

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest news regarding the battle royale game that is a hit, then you’ve heard about the collaborations that are coming up. The game was announced by collaborating with anime sensation EVANGELION.

In addition to the collaboration they will also launch the project in conjunction in conjunction with The Great British Teddy Bear Company.

For the most sought-after collaboration BLACKPINK will be collaborating with PUBG Mobile very soon.

There’s no confirmation regarding when these collaborations will start being conducted. However, the volume of content that will be included in the update is something to be excited about.

PUBG Battlegrounds 1V1 Arena Training:

PUBG Battlegrounds v17.2 update will launch on May 11th on PC and May 19 on other consoles (and is available now at the testing server for the PC) The 17.2 update introduces the new training arena 1v1 (against friends) (via The Loadout).

It will consist of three 60-second games in the new arena, it will let players practice against opponents or friends who are matched through the matchmaker. The players will be provided with basic equipment, as well as two primary weapons and one secondary weapon. The weapons cannot be altered after entering the arena.

  • When is PUBG Mobile 2.0 update releasing?

    PUBG Mobile 2.0 release is expected later in May 2022.

  • When is PUBG v17.2 releasing?

    PUBG Battlegrounds v17.2 update will launch on May 11th on PC and May 19 on other consoles.

Are you excited by the new content that is coming for PUBG Mobile? We’d like to hear your opinions in the comments section below. To get more content keep checking back right here on Spiel Times.

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