Qatar 2022 will Include Equestrian Activities to Promote the Event

Equestrian Activities

To promote the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Equestrian Activities is included, the first football tournament in the Middle East and Arab world, Omar Al Mannai, Commercial Manager of Al Shaqab and Vice-Chairman of the Organising Committee, Longines Hathab, confirmed yesterday that Qatari Equestrian Activities competitions will be held during the tournament.

The organization of various events will allow Qatari Equestrian Activities to have a significant presence at the World Cup, according to the Qatar News Agency (QNA). Equestrian sport is a beloved sport that is connected to the customs and traditions of many nations around the world as well as an aspect of tourism in the country.

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He emphasized that visitors will be able to visit the prestigious international facilities in Al Shaqab, a member of the Qatar Foundation, during the World Cup, especially given that Al Shaqab is close to the World Cup Educational City Stadium.

By promoting Arabian horses and achieving the greatest standards in horse welfare, production, Equestrian Activities education, research, and development, Al Shaqab, a prominent global center in the equine industry, is dedicated to the preservation of Qatar’s cultural heritage, according to Al Mannai.

He emphasized that Al Shaqab is one of the features of tourism in the nation that will play a significant role during the World Cup due to its cutting-edge amenities.

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Al Mannai discussed the Qatar Equestrian Tour Longines Hathab, which is jointly run by the Qatar Equestrian Federation and Al Shaqab. He claimed that the competition is constantly evolving and that more technically proficient riders are competing, as evidenced by their participation in the first two rounds of the competition this year.

In addition to purchasing new horses, many of the riders were well-prepared for the competition through external camps, which had a clear impact on the rise of the technical level and the fierce competition to place first, especially in the medium and small tours, which saw significant participation, he noted.

The Qatari Equestrian Activities schools, according to Al Mannai, are one of the major feeders of the national teams and regional competitions in Qatar.

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He promised that Al Shaqab’s yearly international competitions will start on time.

He disclosed that Al Shaqab would host regional events for the students of Al Shaqab Equestrian Academy beginning in October and running through the end of the riding season.

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