Qatar residents can lease their homes out for the World Cup 2022.


Organizers announce the news due to concerns over the shortage of accommodations for fans traveling to the tournament are growing just less than 80 days before the event.

Qatar residents can offer their homes and rooms available for rent to accommodate Fifa World Cup fans in an attempt to alleviate the issue of accommodation during the tournament that starts on the 20th of November.

For a long time, World Cup ticket holders were able to reserve accommodation through an official Qatar Accommodations Agency (QAA) which offers options that include not only hotels, fan villages, fan lodges official desert camps two cruise ships, villas, and apartments.

On Thursday, in Lusail Stadium, the venue for the World Cup final on December 18 Director General for the Special Committee for the World Cup Yasir al-Jamal said ticket holders will be able to use their Fan IDs and Hayya Card using a booking made through an outside source, not necessarily requiring an appointment with QAA. QAA or providing details of relatives and friends who reside within the nation.

“In addition, we’re also determined to provide affordable and reasonable costs for fans that start at $80 and change according to the demand we receive from our customers.”

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Qatar hopes to draw more than a million people to this World Cup.

Qatar residents

Due to the anticipated surge of tourists and fans, there are some concerns that Qatar might not be able to provide adequate accommodation for visitors, particularly those who don’t have tickets but who want to enjoy this World Cup and the country’s traditions in different areas that are not from the stadiums. This includes areas for fans and public spaces.

Residents have complained as well of being kicked out of their homes The landlords have claimed that the move was made to allow for the fans that were coming to watch the game.

A representative with the Supreme Committee (SC), the organizers of the event, told Al Jazeera earlier this year that the organizers had blocked-booked 80 percent of accommodations and hotels across the nation that will be open to ticket holders.

In the words of Omar al-Jaber, executive director of accommodations of the SC, “the two cruise ships will be equipped with more than 4,500 rooms. Fan villages will be set up in four different places. There will be accommodation options accessible through vacation homes and guests will have the option of staying with their friends and family”.

In the last month, the SC announced that the SC “Caravans Village” will be created to offer additional lodging options. Earlier in the year, Al Jazeera reported that tourists who arrive in Qatar with no match tickets might not be able to secure the accommodation they need.

In an email to Al Jazeera, the organizers have stated that “with around 130,000 rooms to accommodate the estimated one million fans to attend the event, there are no worries about a shortage of accommodations”.

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The day before, Qatar 2022 CEO Nasser al-Khater told reporters that about 2.5 million tickets of the 3 million tickets that were allocated in Qatar 2022’s World Cup had already been sold.

Alongside Qatar as well, also the United States, Argentina, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia were among the most popular countries in which tickets to the event had been purchased according to the report.

The ticket holders have the option of a stay at fan villages or a variety of holiday homes that are private

The new accommodation options are available to those who have tickets and are traveling to Qatar to attend World Cup 2022. FIFA World Cup 2022.

Fans can now access an increased selection of lodging options on the Host Country Accommodation Portal. With Qatar set to host the smallest version of FIFA’s World Cup in recent times, Fans can remain in the same location throughout the event – making it easier to reduce the cost of travel while also cutting the carbon footprint of their homes.

Fifa World Cup

Ticket holders are now able to choose to stay in any of the fan villages. They offer a variety of facilities, such as cabin-style lodging and various kinds of holiday homes at various places across the nation.

The new accommodation option includes a range of options that can accommodate various budgets. Qatar promised to make the tournament that was accessible to football fans across the globe when it secured the right to host the event, and the announcement of the latest accommodations options fulfills the pledge.

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How can I book accommodation in time for World Cup Qatar 2022

The biggest sporting event that takes place in Qatar is coming up! It’s coming! FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is scheduled to run between 21 November and 18.12.2022. All over the world, fans are preparing to attend the grand occasion, yet what exactly should be done with regards to accommodations?

Here’s how to book your hotel!

Hayya Card

When purchasing tickets to the match, it is obligatory for fans to apply for an Hayya Card. The card acts as an entry pass into the country for visitors from abroad. Additionally, it provides advantages, like free public transportation ticket holders for match days.

Things to consider when booking accommodation:

There are no restrictions currently to the number of nights that match ticket holders are able to book. However, bookings must align with the date of the game.

There is however a limit to the number of nights that a player can stay based on the dates they have chosen.

It is possible to reserve accommodation through hotel websites, or through other methods.

You can transfer the accommodation for one person to another for an administration charge of R$ 100 (US$7.47). 27.47).

Qatar residents

The types of accommodations available to be used for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

  • Apartments and Villas
  • Hotels
  • Cruise Ship Hotels
  • Holiday Homes
  • Fan Villages

Family and Friends If you’re planning to let guests, which could include family members and friends stay for the duration of the tournament, then you must make sure that your home is registered. This is to ensure that the guests’ Hayya Card applications can be valid. We’ve provided the steps needed for this below.

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If you’re an international sports fan planning the trip to a match in Qatar you do not have to book accommodations. But, you’ll have to apply for Hayya Card.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ticket holders are being prioritized for bookings through the Official Accommodation Agency website. You’ll require an authentic ticket application number to make your reservation.

How do I find hotels in Qatar?

  • Step 1: Open the link
  • Step 2: Now go through the choices offered according to your preferences and the dates you prefer. (these steps are similar to booking apartments and villas and hotels on cruise ships Hotels, fan villages, and holiday homes).
  • Step 3. Once you’ve settled in on the room you want and selected the dates, then type in the Ticket Application Number, then select “Validate”. You’ll need to complete this in order to book a hotel room.
  • Step 4: Following step 4, you will be able to browse and choose the kind of room based on your budget and preferences and click “add the bag”.
  • Step 5: After you’ve completed Step 5: Once you’re done, check your bag and complete the “guest information”. After you have filled the information in, you’ll be able to make the payment, and your reservation is confirmed.

What happens following the reservation for accommodation?

You will be provided with a reservation ID and confirmation message to confirm that your reservation has been made.

The closer you get to the event, the more you will receive an electronic voucher and detailed instructions regarding the booking process, which includes checking-in and out procedures.

How do you register your home to be able to host family and friends?

Qatar 2022

Instructions for fans from all over the world:

Family members and friends who host guests will be required to verify their property’s registration and your information. After your host has confirmed the details of your stay, your arrangements will be validated automatically.

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Hosts’ instructions for (who must be of the age of 18 and over):

If you’re planning to invite guests, such as family members and friends attend the tournament, you’ll need to make sure that your home is registered. This will ensure that the guests’ Hayya Card applications can be valid.

Step 1: Go to and check the “Legal Liability Disclaimer”.

Step 2: Then step is to enter Step 2: Next, type in the “Host QID” and “Expiry Date” and verify your QID. The mobile phone number will receive an SMS connected to the QID to verify the information.

Screengrabs of

Step 3. Once your QID has been verified The next step is to fill in the “Property Adress”. Be aware:

  • You can only add 5 properties maximum.
  • There is a limit of 10 people per home.
  • A property can be deleted only if you have no guests associated with it.
  • Once a property has been added and guests are assigned to it, the property cannot be removed or altered.
  • Your guests can stay at your home from November 2022 until 23 January 2023.

Step 4. Once you’ve validated and filled in your property’s information Step 4: The next step is filling in your “Guest Details” like Guest Name and Passport Details and Nationality.

Step 5: When this has been completed the accommodation options will automatically be validated and no additional action is required following this.

For assistance, call:


Qatar residents: 800 2022

International residents Call: +9744441 2022.

How much does it cost to go to the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

Compared to the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the cost of increased tier tickets for the Football World Cup 2022 in Qatar has grown dramatically. The price of category 1 tickets for the championship match increased by 46% from 1,100 dollars in 2018 to about 1,607 dollars in 2022.

How much does Qatar pay its Qatar residents citizens?

The highest paid people in the world reside in Qatar. The average annual salary in Qatar is about $129,360 (£95.2k), according to FinancesOnline. The actual take-home pay is also far more than the employee’s compensation because they don’t have to pay taxes on their income and because they get so many additional advantages.

What is the average house rent in Qatar?

Rent in Qatar is expensive
The average price of a one-bedroom apartment in the heart of Doha is approximately QR6,000, ranging from QR4,000 to QR10,000. At opulent residences in expat-heavy neighbourhoods, like the Pearl Qatar development, this can rise to above QR11,000.

Is living in Qatar residents worth it?

With its high standard of life, first-rate medical care, and great educational opportunities, Qatar can be a very inviting place for expatriates. The economy of the nation has remained strong, with the growth of the oil, banking, banking sectors, and technology industries over time.

Can a foreigner buy a house in Qatar?

The Pearl, West Bay Lagoon, and Al Khor are the only localities in Qatar where foreigners are permitted to acquire a freehold property. Foreigners who purchase property in any of these locations are automatically awarded residency for the period of ownership, which also includes the owner’s family.

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