Ronaldo, Salah, and Casemiro are The highest-paid footballers in the Premier League players?

Premier League players

The numbers now surpass their nearest Premier League players’ challengers by a considerable margin. However, this doesn’t mean that the top clubs in England aren’t paying a nice amount too. To answer this question clearly is a helluva lot. However, you’ve already known that.

It’s not a secret that football’s top players receive huge sums of money for their skills on the field.

Since the advent of the world of big-money television deals as well as corporate partners who are willing to pay thousands of dollars to have their names associated with the player or club of their choice Money has been the main focus of the game of football.

However, things took an entirely new level in the summer of 2012 after Paris Saint-Germain awarded Kylian Mbappe a record-breaking contract worth PS1,478,249 per week.

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In the truest sense, no footballer should be able to afford the same amount of money It’s a travesty.

However, PSG isn’t just the top-earning player in football They also own 3 of the highest-earning players…

Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. are ranked second and three, respectively. Neymar’s teammates are on approximately PS1 million per week too.

The highest-paid 26 Premier League players in 2022/2023

=25. Harry Maguire (Man Utd)-PS190,000

=25. Ben Chilwell (Chelsea)-PS190,000

24. Heung-min Son (Spurs) – PS192,000

=19. Jesse Lingard (Notts Forest)-PS200,000

=19. Harry Kane (Spurs) – PS200,000

=19. Thomas Partey (Arsenal) PS200,000

=19. Marcus Rashford (Man Utd) – PS200,000

=19. Thiago Alcantara (Liverpool) – PS200,000

=17. Rodri (Man City) – PS220,000

=17. Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool) – PS220,000

16. Bruno Fernandes (Man Utd) – PS240,000

=14. John Stones (Man City) – PS250,000

=14. Anthony Martial (Man Utd) – PS250,000

13. Gabriel Jesus (Arsenal) – PS265,000

12. N’Golo Kante (Chelsea) – PS289,000

11. Kalidou Koulibaly (Chelsea) – PS295,000

=9. Jack Grealish (Man City) – PS300,00

=9. Casemiro (Man Utd) – PS300,000

8. Raheem Sterling (Chelsea) – PS325,000

7. Raphael Varane (Man Utd) – PS340,000

=5. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) – PS350,000

=5. Jadon Sancho (Man Utd) – PS350,000

=3. David de Gea (Man Utd) – PS375,000

=3. Erling Haaland (Man City) – PS375,000

2. Kevin De Bruyne (Man City) – PS400,000

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Man Utd) – PS515,000

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(All figures are courtesy of Capology)

And they are the highest-earning players in the Premier League for 2022/23.

It’s not a surprise to find Ronaldo in the top spot with a salary that is more than half a million dollars per week.

But, we have a lot of new signings who are pushing the top of the ranks, including Haaland, Sterling, Casemiro, Koulibaly, Jesus, and Lingard, all being included due to contracts they signed in the season with new teams.

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