Safest New used Good Cars for Teens in 2022.

Safest new used good cars for teens in 2022.Safest new used good cars for teens in 2022.

The Insurance Institute of Highways has a list of new, used good cars for teens drivers

This year, the list of secure and dependable automobiles for teenagers consists of forty-nine used automobile fashions ranging in price from $6,000–to $19,900, in addition to 21 new automobile fashions ranging in price from $21,200–$38,900. Officials say rapid automobiles, light-weight automobiles, and the heaviest automobiles are kept off the list, which as an alternative gives motors that have obtained true rankings on equipment, construction, and crash tests.

Although the hints are meant especially for younger drivers, they may be a useful resource for anybody searching for a secure, dependable, and low-cost automobile,” the click-through reads Thursday.

“The new automobile listing is particularly beneficial for mothers and fathers of more youthful kids who are probably shopping for an automobile for his or her very own use with a view towards handing it right all the way down to brand new driving force withinside the future.”

The used automobile listings are broken up into parts: “satisfactory choices” and “true choices.” Officials say that the motors within the “satisfactory choices” category “provide barely better levels of safety.”

The lists of the most secure, lowest cost, and new motors may be observed below.

Good cars for Teens.

Used motors—’ satisfactory choice

’Small automobiles

Ford C-Max Hybrid (2014-2015) –$8,400

Mazda three sedan or hatchback (2014 or newer) –$8,700

Chevrolet Volt (2014) — $10,500

Subaru Impreza sedan or wagon (2015, 2018-2020) — $11,000

Toyota Corolla hatchback (2019 or newer) — $18,700

Honda Insight (2019 or newer) –$19,800

Subaru Crosstrek (2018 or newer) –$19,900

Midsize automobiles

Subaru Legacy (2013 or newer; constructed after August 2012) –$8,300

Subaru Outback (2013 or newer; constructed after August 2012) –$8,800

Volkswagen Passat (2015, 2017) –$10,400

Mazda 6 (2014-19) –$10,800

Toyota Prius v (2015-17) –$12,400

Lincoln MKZ (2015 or newer) –$13,200

Volvo S60 (2018) — $19,100

Audi A6 (2016-19) — $19,400

Safest new used good cars for teens in 2022.
Safest new used good cars for teens in 2022.

Large cars

Toyota Avalon (2015 or newer)—$15,700

Hyundai Genesis (2016)—$18,100

Small SUVs

Mazda CX-5 (2014 or newer; constructed after October 2013) — $10,200

Honda CR-V (2015 or newer) –$14,900

Hyundai Kona (2018, 2021) –$18,100

Mazda CX-three (2019) –$19,200

Volvo XC60 (2017)—$19,400

Midsize SUVs

Ford Edge (2015, 2020; constructed after May 2015) — $12,900

Nissan Murano (2015 or newer) –$14,700

Chevrolet Equinox (2017) — $15,600

GMC Terrain (2017) — $16,000

Lexus NX (2015 or newer) — $16,700

Hyundai Santa Fe (2017–19; constructed after March 2016) -$17,800

Toyota Highlander (2014 or newer) –$17,800


Toyota Sienna (2015-18) –$14,700

Kia Sedona (2017) –$15,200

Honda Odyssey (2017, 2020 or newer) –$17,100

Used motors—’true choices

’ Small automobiles 2011-2013; constructed after December 2010) — $6,000

Honda Civic sedan (2012–2015, 2019 or newer) — $7,100

Used vehicles—’good choices

Toyota Prius (2011 or newer) –$8,100

Chevrolet Volt (2013)–$8,800

Toyota Corolla sedan (2014 or newer) –$10,900

Lexus CT200h (2012-13) — $11,100

Midsize automobiles

Toyota Prius v (2012–14) –$8,500

Toyota Camry (2012 or newer) –$9,400

Honda Accord Sedan (2012 or newer) or coupe (2013 or newer) –$9,900

Volkswagen Jetta (2016)—$10,900

Ford Fusion (2015, 2018) –$12,200

BMW three collection sedan (2016) –$14,500

Nissan Altima (2017, 2020) –$14,700

Large cars

Ford Taurus (2011) –$6,300

Hyundai Genesis (2011)—$6,900

Toyota Avalon (2011–14)–$9,400

Small SUV

Nissan Rogue (2014-20)–$11,000

New motors Small automobiles

Mazda three sedan or hatchback–$21,200

Honda Insight—$26,100

Subaru Legacy–$23,800

Kia K5 — $24,700

Subaru Outback –$27,500

Lexus IS—$38,900

Small SUVs

Chevrolet Trailblazer–$21,900

Mazda CX-30–$23,200

Hyundai Tucson –$25,800

Mazda CX-5–$26,800

Ford Bronco Sport—$28,200

Buick Encore GX (Essence trim) –$28,800

Toyota RAV4 (XLE, XLE Premium, SE, XSE, Adventure, Limited, or TRD trims) — $30,300

Honda CR-V (Hybrid EX, Hybrid EX-L, Touring or Hybrid Touring trims)—$32,300

Lexus UX (with Triple Beam LED Headlamps with Auto-Leveling) –$35,300

Midsize SUVs

Hyundai Santa Fe (constructed after July 2021) –$27,800

Hyundai Palisade–$34,300

Nissan Murano–$35,000

Mazda CX-9—$35,700

Toyota Highlander—$37,100


Honda Odyssey–$33,300

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