Samsung and LG look ahead to the future of strange phone screens

Samsung and LG look ahead to the future of strange phone screensSamsung and LG look ahead to the future of strange phone screens

Samsung as well as LG’s division for display have been showing off their latest models Future foldable might move from single-fold models that currently exist that fold in two, and use display screens that can be capable of folding both outwards and outwards or use rolling screens that expand outwards.

 If manufacturers adopt new technologies for folding screens which are showcased through Samsung Display and LG Display this week in San Jose, California, at their annual Display Week conference.

LG Display is showing off an 8-inch folding touchscreen, which it claims can fold inward and outwards like the prototype we saw from the TCL Ultra Flex concept earlier this year. The design permits one display that folds to function as an internal screen and an external screen. The devices that have this “360-degree foldable OLED” can eliminate having to use both an inner and outer display by having just one screen.

Samsung and LG look ahead to the future of strange phone screens
Samsung and LG look ahead to the future of strange phone screens

LG Display’s 360-degree foldable OLED has been reported to be able to withstand being folded “over 200 000 instances” before it begins to fall apart, in addition, LG Display says it uses the “special folding design” that reduces the chance of creasing. Gizmodo says that LG Display’s display features a resolution of 2,480 by 2,200 pixels,

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In addition, Samsung Display is also showing some innovative foldable technologies of its own. The Flex G as well as Flex S screens, which it first presented in the past at CES and CES, both have displays that can fold twice. For Flex G, Flex G fold twice in the same direction as the tri-fold wallet. In contrast, Flex S folds in the same way. Flex S folds once inwards and then outwards, similar to the paper map.

Samsung Display also has a range of handsets that slide with screens that fold either vertically or horizontally. We’ve seen a variety of rollable ideas in the past from companies such as TCL, Oppo, and LG before the company left the smartphone market completely. However, despite the excitement about rollable smartphones, none with rollable screens have launched on the market.

Latest form-factors LG Display and Samsung Display

These are only some of the latest form-factors LG Display and Samsung Display present at the show this week. Both companies are making significant investments in OLED screens for infotainment in-car screens, and screens specifically designed for gaming, such as Samsung Display’s OLED laptop screen that has a 240Hz refresh rate, or a folding screen made to accommodate gaming controllers on both sides. LG Display also has a 17-inch folding OLED laptop that has the entire interior of the clamshell structure is one large folding screen.

As Display divisions within their own South Korean tech giants, neither LG Display nor Samsung Display make the consumer products in which their panels are used. However, since they provide displays to the biggest consumer tech companies, shows such as Display Week can give us an intriguing glimpse into the direction that foldable devices will take in the coming years.

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